If you are someone who is hesitant to join a sober living house, you need to read this. Somepeople have a short sight and don’t understand the true importance of a sober facility. True that you don’t get any treatments like a rehab center or like a detox center. However, the support and guidance that you get in a sober home helps to make your impermanent and unstable sobriety a permanent one. With the help of these centers, you can create a life of happiness and independence.

A MAP PRSS Support Program Help After Stay at the Home

Anyone who has been dabbling with addiction and recovery for a few years knows about the MAP – Measure, Act, Prevent. It is a famous sobriety service provider in Texas. Some sober houses partner with MAP and provide the assistance of a specialist. A MAP PRSS or Peer Recovery Support Specialist is a trained and certified person who can provide the necessary support for people to come out of addiction. 

Get Personalized Assistance for You to Recover from Addiction

By default the PRSS support is provided for 90 days. So, you can call and ask for assistance and support directly to the specialist during the initial period. The specialist will be able to understand the situation you are in and help you with customized input that can propel you out of addiction. You will get weekly and bi-weekly support sessions with the specialist. The best part with the support is that you can even ask your family members to attend the same. Apart from this, there are also sessions dedicated to the family of the person who is addicted. This helps your family to cope up with the changing dynamics of life.

You Can Use Insurance to Pay for the PRSS

A PRSS is a certified personnel who has more than 3 years of personal recovery record. With a good education, 60+ hours of peer recovery training, the allotted PRSS will be able to guide you even in finding employment. However, the primary function is not of that but to be a pillar that you can rest on during the long and tedious addiction recovery. After the initial 90 days support you might have to pay for further assistance. You can even use the insurance to pay for this service. Before assuming, always check the availability with sobriety facilities. Otherwise you could end up spending a lot depending on the nature of the service. 

A Holistic Care for Addiction Recovery

Once you finish the stay at the center, you can either choose the MAP PRSS or just stick to the basics with the weekly and biweekly counseling calls with the counselors. You can join outpatient treatment and avail these sessions. Frequenting to H & I meetings also help you to keep yourself centered when faced with the temptation of life. Whatever happens, when you need urgent care, be sure to contact any caregiver. That is the easiest way for you to be free of addiction and stay sober.


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