Pigeon Forge: 5 Travel Tips For The Smart Explorer


The state of Tennessee is the ultimate tourist hub. Each year it attracts millions of visitors for many reasons. While some come for the mountains, others want to stop by the town of Pigeon Forge to enjoy the most incredible dining experience. This quaint mountain resort city is located in Sevier County, which is situated to the north of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Primarily, Pigeon Forge is the closest you’ll get to experiencing the Southern culture, including its cuisine, music, and entertainment. 

So if you want to immerse yourself in everything the South offers, then explore Pigeon Forge. However, one downside of traveling is that the entire trip can get extremely hectic unless you have a plan. Therefore, to ensure you don’t get drained in your journey, here are some travel trips that you should look into:

  • Book a Comfortable Lodging

Book a cozy place for yourself from the get-go. This is because as tourist season rolls around, finding a suitable place for yourself becomes harder. Holidays are incomplete without comfortable accommodations. After all, when you’re done exploring the town, you will require a peaceful place to rest and wash away the day’s exhaustion. 

Hence, if you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing lodging that offers you amenities like a massage service and a scenic view of the Smoky Mountains, then you need to look into Pigeon Forge condos and pick the best option. Exploring Pigeon Forge can take a toll on you, so unless you want to roam around fatigued, make arrangements beforehand and enhance your holiday experience.

  • Pack According to the Season

It will help if you pack according to the season. The summers in Pigeon Forge are scorching, with temperatures that can soar up to 87 Fahrenheit. In contrast, winters are cold, with temperatures hitting 34 Fahrenheit. So, depending on when you plan on going to Pigeon Forge, familiarize yourself with the forecast. If you’re going in the summer, pack your best cotton clothing that is lightly colored. Cotton is excellent at absorbing water, and since you will sweat immensely, it’s best to wear clothes that can make the weather bearable for you. 

Moreover, pack sunscreen, good quality hiking shoes, and comfortable shoes that allow you to walk long distances without tiring. But if you’re coming in the winter, pack your coats, jackets, and warm socks. Also, Pigeon Forge experiences about 6 inches of snow in a year, mainly in November and February. So, take your snow boots when you plan on going in these months.

  • Visit The National Park

Pigeon Forge has numerous attractions. You may be tempted to visit them all in a day, but this is unrealistic. Anytime you go on a holiday, learn to pace yourself. Schedule your day appropriately and think carefully about how much you can handle. Always try to keep it simple. The best way to start your tourism is by visiting the Smoky Mountains National Park first. This trip alone can easily take up your whole day. 

The Great Smoky Mountains are home to various species of flora and fauna. You may get to see more than 4,000 plants and roughly 200 varieties of birds, and even though the wildlife steers clear of the population, there are 1,500 species of bears within the park. The park also has no entrance fee. That means you can get an adventure of a lifetime for free.

Additionally, more than 800 miles of hiking trails are spread across the national park. Depending on your route, you may find yourself in the presence of a glorious waterfall, such as the impressive Laurel Falls, which stretches about 80 feet high. The park also has about 2,900 miles of natural streams where you can try fishing.

  • Look For Discounts and Bargains

As Pigeon Forge is a chiefly tourist town, various restaurants, lodgings, and venues offer booking discounts and packages that can save you copious money. You may find some of these offers online by going to a particular website and through emails. Likewise, suppose some venues encourage you to download their mobile application. In that case, you should do that since they may have booking discounts for you there. Don’t be surprised if you receive promo codes that can further slash prices, making your trip more affordable. Discounts are a smart business tactic, but they mutually benefit you too. 

  • Get Around Town Using the Tram System

One of the advantages of visiting Pigeon Forge is that you can use the tram system to get around. The Trolleybuses connect Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Sevierville at an affordable cost. If you acquire an all-day pass, you can ride the tram for as long as you like. This includes visiting Gatlinburg or using the tram system to enjoy all Pigeon Forge offers. While riding the tram, you can get off at any time. There are more than a hundred different stops along the combined routes. Hence, the ride is highly flexible and can take you to your destination seamlessly. 

However, if you’re curious how you will identify what trolley goes where, pay attention to the colors. Trollies painted red and tan go to Gatlinburg, while those that are green and tan cover Pigeon Forge, along with the entirety of Sevierville. The routes on the map are color-coded, too. 

As a result, you will have no trouble following where you will go. For instance, if you take the South Parkway, the tram leaves Patriot Park, travels east to Teaster, north to Jake Thomas, and stops at LeConte Convention Center. At this point, the tram turns left to Parkway South, then heads towards Pine Mountain Road. From there, the trolley goes as far as Mainstay Suites before gradually returning to the park. This journey alone is about 25 minutes long.

Final Thoughts

Spending a vacation at Pigeon Forge is no less than a treat. If you are intrigued by the South, you will have a grand time at Pigeon Forge. However, you must proactively plan to ensure your holiday is comfortable with no significant hiccups. Start by ensuring you have a place to stay, and don’t wait until the last minute to book a place. Furthermore, you need to pack according to season and never discard convenience for style. Lastly, look for discounts and bargains online to reduce expenses, allowing you a budget-friendly and adventurous trip.

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