How to Prepare for Exam |10 Tips Students Need to Prepare for the Exam


Tips Students Need to Prepare for the Exam

As the exam dates approach, students’ sense of stress and tension increases, and this unfortunately may negatively affect their performance during the exam. Fortunately, there are some tips that students can follow before the exam to de-stress and prepare well to perform well in exams and achieve the highest grades

1- Allocate enough time to study

2- Arranging the study space

3- Use of graphs and tables

4- Rehearsing the old exam models

5- Answer questions in front of others

6- Meeting with friends for study

7- Rest regularly

8- Eat foods that are good for the brain

9- Preparing for the exam day

10- Drink enough water

  1-  Allocate enough time to study:Don’t leave studying until the last minute, as while it seems that some students can manage by stuffing information into their minds in the short period leading up to the exam, it is widely known (for most people) that this is not the best way to prepare for the exam. To organize your time , make a timetable that determines the dates of study and write down the number of exams you have and the days you need to prepare for them, and then organize your studies according to the data that you have. You may find that some exams require more days than others, so organize your time in the way you feel is appropriate.

2- Arranging the study space:

Make sure that the place where you study is large enough to accommodate notebooks and papers, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the lighting in the place sufficient?
  • Is the chair you are sitting on comfortable?
  • Are video games out of your sight?

Eliminate all distractions and make sure you feel as relaxed and focused as possible. For some people, this may mean an atmosphere of complete silence and for others, listening to music. Some people need everything around them to be completely tidy and organized so that they can focus their attention, while others can get by in a chaotic environment. Decide what type of atmosphere suits you best and take the time to arrange it as you wish.

3- Use of graphs and tables:

Visual aids can be very useful while reviewing lessons. When you start revising a subject, write down everything you know about it and focus attention on the topics that you feel you have gaps in. Writing down ideas in a succinct way can help you remember all the information you need during the exam.

4- Rehearsing the old exam models:

One of the best ways to prepare for an exam is to practice solving old exam models. This helps you get used to the question formats and may also be one of the best measures you can take to make sure you’ve spent the right amount of time studying for each subject.

5- Answering questions in front of others:

You should look for a way to avoid disturbing the parents and younger brothers and sisters at the time of the exam and take advantage of their presence around you. Try to answer them about the questions that may be asked on the exam, as this will help you understand those questions and their answers clearly and focus attention on the areas that need further study.

6- Meeting with friends for study:

Get together with friends to study together. You may have questions they know the answers to, or they may have questions they find answers to. As long as you focus on studying for a set amount of time, this remains one of the most effective ways to commit to preparing well for the exam.

7- Rest regularly:

You might think it’s best to study for as many hours as possible, but it’s not really productive, let’s say you’re training for a marathon, in such a case you can’t keep training 24 hours a day. Studies have also shown that taking regular breaks actually helps with long-term information retention.

And since everyone has a different nature, determine the method of study that suits you best. If you study better in the morning, start studying early before going to lunch break. If you are more productive at night, take a long break early so that you are ready to focus attention on studying in the evening.

Try not to let being out the sun instead of sitting behind books make you feel guilty, and remember that vitamin D is essential to maintaining a healthy brain.

8- Eat foods that are good for the brain:

or that you don’t have enough time to cook, but what you eat can really affect your energy levels and focus meal . Focus attention and memorize information such as fish , nuts , seeds , milk, and berries. Before going to the exam also eat a nutritious meal that includes foods that release energy slowly during the day. Eating sugar-sweetened desserts may be tempting, but the energy that these foods give you wears off within an hour of eating them.

9- Preparing for the exam day:

Make sure that everything is ready in advance of the exam, and do not leave anything until the day before it, so as not to be surprised that you do not know the way to the place of the exam, for example, or do not know the tools that you must take with you to it. Make sure of all the rules that you must abide by in the exam and all the supplies you will need during it, and decide the way you will take to get to the exam place and the time you will go out, or go out on a test trip to the place if this is possible, or if it is not possible Make a clear note of the directions you need to follow to get to the place.

Calculate how long you need to get to the exam venue and add some time in case you don’t have to run halfway or panic if you lose your way. You can go to the exam with your friend or colleague as well as long as you know they keep their appointments.

10- Drink enough water:

In the end, remember that maintaining bodily fluids is necessary in order for the brain to work at its maximum potential. Always make sure during the preparation period for the exam, and even on the exam day itself, to drink plenty of water .

Many students suffer from poor preparation for the exam, and this reflects negatively on their performance during the exam and on their results after it. However, following the tips we mentioned during the exam preparation period makes the students mentally and physically prepared for the exam and enables them to excel and achieve the best result.

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