Best vpn for pc 2022

There are many reasons why you should use a VPN for your computer, these reasons are not limited to using it to access blocked sites in your country, but there are other reasons, the most important of which is the ability of VPN programs to protect your Internet connection, and provide a secure, encrypted connection between you and the sites you visit, which protects you from exposure Hacker attacks or attempts to steal your connection data.

In this article, we introduce you to the best VPN for PC , and we show you a collection of the best free and paid programs out there.

What helps you choose the best VPN for PC is knowing what a VPN is and how it works, which we have discussed in detail in a separate article, which we advise you to check out.

Do not worry if you find that the way VPN programs work contains some complex technical details, rest assured that you do not need to know these details to be able to use any of the programs in this article.

First, the best free VPN software for PC

To be honest, free VPN programs for PC are not many, but they are available, and they can be found easily on the Internet, and although they offer limited features, they are suitable for completing simple browsing tasks on the Internet.

The best free VPN programs for PC are often a paid version of VPN programs but offer fewer features. These programs aim to provide a free trial as a form of advertising for their paid version, but this does not affect the effectiveness of these programs and their ability to provide acceptable and high-grade connection options. of protection and privacy.

1. Winscribe

Windscribe is the first VPN I’ve used in my life, the free version of the program provides you with everything you need from any VPN software, and a personal experience that you can totally rely on if your need to use VPN software is simple. The program is excellent in terms of providing protection for your data when you connect to the Internet through public networks.


  1. Clear and easy to use interface.
  2. Available on all operating systems.
  3. It gives you the ability to connect to servers in 10 European countries.
  4. Usage capacity up to 60 GB.
  5. You can increase your usage capacity by inviting your friends to use the program for free.
  6. Excellent referral system.
  7. Show the amount of data downloaded while using the program.


  1. It may be slow sometimes to complete the connection.
  2. It disables your internet connection until you connect to the server of the country you selected.
  3. The customer support chatbot is not helpful.
  4. When you use it, your internet speed drops dramatically.
  5. Some servers cannot be connected even though they are available in the free version.
  6. You need to sign up for the program’s mailing list to get some benefits.

2. Hotspot Shield Free VPN

Hotspot Shield is one of the most popular free VPN programs, the main goal of the program is to provide a secure connection that cannot be hacked or intercepted by any party, no matter how strong.


  1. User-friendly interface.
  2. Fast in completing the connection to the servers.
  3. It provides a high level of security.
  4. It does not disconnect you from the Internet while the connection is in progress.
  5. You do not need to create an account on the software website to download and use it.
  6. It contains a program to measure the download and upload speed and the rate of ping.
  7. You can choose specific programs to run outside of the program’s connection (running on your primary connection). 


  1. Low usage capacity.
  2. Poor customer service.
  3. Very small usage capacity (500MB per day).
  4. Calling is only available for one country (USA).
  5. The connection is only made after several attempts.
  6. Technical support service in all its forms is not available to users of the free version.

3. ProtonVPN Free

Proton VPN offers features that are rarely found in free VPN programs, the program contains features that are not available in the best VPN programs for PC, whether paid or free.

The main thing about ProtonVPN is that it has excellent control options for the type and method of your connection to provide a fast and secure connection.


  1. An excellent control panel within your Proton VPN account allows you to have a large number of features such as viewing and downloading the communication protocols available to you.
  2. There is no capacity to use.
  3. Available for use on all operating systems .
  4. Its Windows application offers a large number of control options.
  5. The ability to create your own connection file and set certain settings for it (such as creating a connection file for games and another for browsing).
  6. The Kill Switch feature to block the internet connection in the event the program disconnects from the server of the country you have chosen.
  7. The ability to connect to about 23 servers.
  8. Show the compression ratio on each server for easy identification of the fastest servers.
  9. Access to beta updates that introduce new features under development (Early Access).
  10. Proton VPN provides four communication protocols.


  1. Slow to complete the connection between servers.
  2. The free version only allows connection to servers of three countries (Japan, USA and New Zealand).
  3. You can download the version of the program that works on the Windows operating system only after creating an account.
  4. It disables your internet connection until you connect to the server of the country you selected.
  5. Internet speed decreases when used by about 30%.

4. Speedify

Speedify aims to provide the fastest connection possible, which is a difficult task to implement, because most of the previous VPN programs for the computer shared the defect of slow connection to servers or reduced Internet speed after completing the connection, but the previous defects are not present in Speedify, which makes it the fastest free VPN program for the computer .


  1. The connection to the available servers is fast.
  2. It allows you to connect to a large number of servers in different countries (about 320 countries).
  3. The program contains multiple options to control the method of communication.
  4. Internet speed does not drop significantly while using it.
  5. The program has high capabilities to encrypt and secure your connection.
  6. The ability to identify the applications that use the programs.


  1. The official website of the program is blocked in some countries.
  2. Very little usage capacity (about 2GB per month).
  3. The program lacks the control options found in many free VPN programs.
  4. The program is unable to bypass the blocking of some streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+.
  5. The connection to the servers is sometimes unstable.


Hide me program provides good features in its free version, and because of its ease of use, it can be relied upon in most tasks that require a VPN program, and it also provides in its free version the same protection and security features found in its paid version.


  1. Easy and clear user interface.
  2. The program is available on a large number of operating systems.
  3. The program has add-ons that can be installed on browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox.
  4. Kill Switch feature to block internet connection.
  5. There is no maximum load or usage capacity.
  6. Speed ​​in completing the connection.
  7. Powerful technical support through Live chat or opening a ticket from within the app itself.
  8. The software provides four encrypted and secure communication protocols.


  1. The official website of the program is blocked in some countries.
  2. You need to create an account on the program’s website and activate it to be able to download the program.
  3. Choosing to connect to a specific server or country is not available.
  4. Browsing and downloading speed drops by about 30% when using it.

6. Urban-VPN

While searching and browsing I came across Urban-VPN. At first, I was not encouraged to add it to the article as it is a relatively unpopular program, but my opinion changed after I used it.

urban-VPN isn’t the best free VPN for PC I’ve used, but it has two advantages (the first and the second in particular) that are only found in paid VPNs for PC.

And if we want to be more precise, we can say that there are paid programs that do not have these two features together, which makes urban-VPN distinct from the rest of the free VPN programs.


  1. It contains servers in about 40 countries.
  2. It does not disconnect from the Internet while trying to complete the connection to the servers.
  3. There are no limits on usable or download capacity.
  4. Simple and easy to use interface.
  5. You do not need to create an account to download and use the software.
  6. Provides a browser add-on to protect against malware.


  1. It does not contain any options (the program contains an option to complete and disconnect only).
  2. The Program website does not provide sufficient information on the Program’s communication policies and protocols.
  3. Connection does not work with some servers of available countries.
  4. The program is not available on Mac and IOS.
  5. No technical support or customer service.
  6. It uses communication protocols that allow your data to be shared with third parties.

7. Opera browser

Do not worry, we did not mention the Opera browser by mistake, although the Opera browser is not a standalone VPN program, it has its own VPN extension that can be turned on and used while browsing, which makes it an ideal browser for users who want to browse simple blocked websites. in their state.


  1. Easy to use and control.
  2. The VPN extension is built into the browser and does not require installation.
  3. It does not affect the speed of the rest of the applications that use the Internet.
  4. It can be enabled to run on the browser automatically all the time.


  1. The browser download site itself is blocked in some countries.
  2. The number of servers that can be connected is few (three servers only).
  3. It can only be relied upon for browsing only.
  4. Browsing speed drops when you use it.
  5. It does not provide multiple options for the connection process.

Second, the best paid VPN software for PC

If you use public networks (or networks that you cannot manage) to connect to the Internet, you need to use a paid VPN software.

What is meant by public networks is any network that you use to connect to the Internet, but you cannot know who runs it or the number of users on it, and Internet networks in public places and cafes are a good example of these networks.

Paid VPN programs for computer are mainly intended for heavy use of public networks, in other words, if you spend hours performing your work or job tasks on public networks, it is preferable to use a paid VPN.

1. VyprVPN

I used Vyprvpn personally and did not have any technical problems with it, the program is easy to use and fast. It may not be the best VPN software for PC, but it can be considered one of the cheapest as you can get it for $1.81 per month.


  1. Easy to use interface.
  2. There is no maximum capacity for use.
  3. Technical support is available at any time.
  4. It is considered the cheapest VPN software for PC.
  5. It allows connection to about 81 servers in 64 countries.
  6. It provides four encrypted protocols for communication.
  7. Available for use on all operating systems including Smart TV operating systems.
  8. Excellent at unblocking live streaming platforms.


  1. Slower than many paid VPNs for PC.
  2. It disconnects you from the Internet while the encrypted connection is in progress.
  3. Because of its slow speed, it may not be the best for viewing content on live streaming platforms.
  4. The connection times are less encrypted than some other VPN software.
  5. It does not provide a free trial.

2. NordVPN

Nordvpn is one of the most popular paid VPN programs for PC, and its popularity is due to the many features it offers that will make you not need another VPN program.


  1. Easy and elegant interface to use.
  2. It allows connection to about 81 servers in 61 countries.
  3. The program provides a free trial.
  4. It does not save or log your communications data.
  5. The program is available on a large number of operating systems.


  1. The official website of the program is blocked in some countries.
  2. Software update system crashes sometimes.
  3. The program subscription renewal fee is a bit high.
  4. Poor technical support.
  5. The application of the program on the Windows operating system does not work stably.

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN holds the lion’s share in the paid VPN software market. Some have called it the best VPN for PC. ExpressVPN stands out due to its ability to offer well-balanced ratios of excellent and stable performance and helpful customer service.


  1. High connection speed.
  2. It allows connection to more than 160 servers in 94 countries.
  3. Technical support is available at any time.
  4. You can get your money back if you are not satisfied within 30 days of purchase.
  5. Available on all operating systems.
  6. Unlimited usage capacity.


  1. Only 5 devices can be connected simultaneously.
  2. The program does not offer a free trial period.
  3. software application is Android not working properly.
  4. The program does not work efficiently on smart TVs.
  5. The program’s browser add-ons lack many features.

4. SurfShark

Although Surfshark is one of the newer programs in the VPN field, it has proven itself as a cheap VPN program that offers excellent connectivity features.


  1. Available on a large number of operating systems.
  2. Technical support is available at any time.
  3. It can be used on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.
  4. When using it, the speed of the Internet does not decrease significantly (the percentage of decrease is from 4 to 6%).
  5. It offers several levels of connection encryption and security.


  1. The subscription price is a bit high.
  2. While using it, the internet speed drops significantly.
  3. The Kill Switch feature of the program does not work efficiently.
  4. Sometimes the encrypted connection breaks suddenly.
  5. The program imposes restrictions on downloading files through torrent programs.

5. PrivateVPN

Private VPN is an easy-to-use and fast VPN as well as suitable for entertainment purposes such as unblocking content specific to specific countries.


  1. Easy to use interface.
  2. Available for use on a large number of devices and operating systems.
  3. It allows connection to more than 200 servers in 63 countries.
  4. Unlimited usage capacity.
  5. Works great with live streaming platforms.
  6. The program has a high ability to encrypt the connection.
  7. The program offers a high connection speed.


  1. Technical support service does not work around the clock.
  2. Some servers are slow.
  3. The software (sometimes) records users’ movement data and logs.
  4. The software application on mobile phones does not work efficiently.

Why you should use a paid VPN

Some free VPNs are suitable for heavy use on public networks, but we recommend a paid VPN for the following reasons:

1. Blocked programs to access blocked content

If you review the defects of some free VPN programs, you will find that there is a defect that is repeated in more than one program. The frequent defect is that many free VPN download sites are blocked in several countries, meaning that downloading these programs may require a VPN program, but a browser Opera itself is blocked in some countries because it contains a VPN browser extension.

We do not know exactly who is responsible for blocking VPN download sites, but what we do know is that this defect is not present in most paid VPN programs. Is this due to the efficiency of the companies developing these programs? Or that the countries that block the sites of other programs did not pay attention to these programs?

We are not interested in knowing why some free VPN sites are blocked, but it is a downside to consider if you want to rely on a free VPN to perform your tasks on the Internet.

2. Extensive and varied use = Unlimited load capacity + Large number of servers

One of the most important features of paid VPN programs is the unlimited usage capacity they provide to users. It is true that some free VPN programs for PC offer this feature, but with fewer servers. Some programs allow you to connect to multiple servers, but they are not required or do not work at all. .

Paid VPN programs provide unlimited download capacity in addition to a large number and variety of important servers. These programs provide servers that users may actually need, unlike some free VPN programs.

3. You can’t have everything

In general, it is rare to find any free program that provides all the advantages of paid programs, and this is not limited to VPN programs for PC, but it is present in all programs, even free programs that do not have a paid version.

Of course, we do not mean that all paid VPN programs for PC will have everything you need, but at least these programs will provide you with most of the features and options that you need for intensive use of the Internet, and are designed to suit multiple purposes such as browsing and downloading.

4. Two great advantages and three fatal flaws

Most of the free VPN programs can be considered as the best VPN for the computer in general. These programs provide a good number of features that make them a good choice that can be relied upon in certain cases. However, most of the free VPN programs contain one or more flaws that may make you decide Your opinion about the use of the entire software.

There are tolerable drawbacks of this free VPN for PC such as lack of technical support and some slow connection to servers.

But there are serious flaws that these programs cannot use in their presence, the most important of these shortcomings is the lack of a sufficient number of security protocols and the small number of communication servers available.

Paid VPN programs for computer, of course, have flaws, but most of them are not fatal flaws, but you can use these programs despite their presence and enjoy an excellent using experience.

Two Tips About Using VPN Software for PC

1. Do not use a pirated VPN

We know that buying programs and applications is a strange thing for some users, but if you need to use a VPN program for the computer, do not use a paid pirated program, regardless of the danger of pirated programs in general. The danger of VPN programs goes beyond the idea of ​​infecting your device with a virus or malicious program.

Pirated VPN programs may contain loopholes that pass your connection data to other parties, note that there are already accusations of a large number of VPN programs that leak their users’ data. That is, the general idea exists, let alone a program that was hacked and stolen?

If you think that the prices of paid VPN programs for the computer are more than you can pay, we recommend using free VPN programs, because the latter, despite its lack of the features of paid programs, is suitable for most purposes and at least you will connect to the Internet securely and encrypted.

2. If you are using a computer VPN program, try to be aware of everything that is new in its field

The advantages and disadvantages of all computer programs change from time to time and VPN software is no exception to this rule. The best VPN for PC in this period may lose its place in a few months.

This, of course, does not mean that these programs are unreliable, whether they are free or paid, but it pushes you to search and see in the field of VPN programs if you rely on them on a daily basis.


Using a VPN software for PC is useful and sometimes necessary, especially if you are using a laptop and have to use networks you do not know to access the Internet.

In addition to protecting your data and your Internet connection, the VPN software for the computer enables you to access blocked websites in your country, and through these programs you can access broadcast platforms that are exclusively in some countries such as the Disney+ platform that is available in the United States only at the moment.

In this article, we tried to show you the best VPN for PC by showing you a selection of the best free and paid programs that you can rely on to make a secure connection.

Have you used VPN software for PC before? What is the most important feature you prefer to have in these programs? Share your opinion in the comments about the role of these programs and their usefulness


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