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Stars Academy Lahore PMC NMDCAT Online Preparation 

The Stars group of Academies, Schools, and Colleges began operations in Lahore in 1991. The main goal is to change society by educating, innovating, and empowering students across Pakistan through high-quality, low-cost education. Online and on-campus classes are available at Stars Academy Lahore. Stars Academy Allama Iqbal town Lahore offers online nmdcat classes as well as on-campus nmdcat training.


The MDCAT exam is required for admission to all Pakistani medical and dental schools. This exam is only available once a year.
​In Pakistan, a computer-based test for admission to MBBS and BDS degree programmes is being conducted for the first time. Register for the college admissions test if you wish to go to medical or dentistry school.

NMDCAT Syllabus 

The test syllabus is published on the Pakistan Medical Commission’s website. According to the organisation, it follows a common HSSC curriculum. Biology, chemistry, physics, English language, and logical reasoning are all included. Last year, a section on logical reasoning was included. The Pakistan Medical Commission published the MDCAT 2022 syllabus in February of 2022. NMDCAT 2022 follows the same course as MDCAT 2021. Due to COVID-19 lockdowns, the individual provincial administrations and the federal government introduced the MDCAT syllabus for HSSC exams across the country.

Download  Stars Academy Nmdcat Exam Preparation Books

1)   Stars Academy Biology Practice Book

2)   Stars Academy Physics Practice Book

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3) Stars Academy Logical Reasoning Practice Book

4) Stars Academy Vocabulary  Practice Book 

5) Stars Academy More Notes Practice Book 


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