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The applicants can use these cts sample papers to assist them prepare for the cts Jobs test. Solved multiple-choice questions can help you pass your tests. Here you will find past papers for SDO Operation/Junior Engineer, Revenue Officer, Line Superintendent (Grade-II), Meter Reader, Bill Distributor, BD, and ALM. Here is where you may practise for the Pesco employment test. These example papers are also available to download in pdf format.
1) The product of rms current and rms voltage is called? Apparent power
2) The power consumed in the resistance of circuit is ? Acive/Actual/Real power
3) The power which flows in the coil of reactance is? Reactive power
4) The reciprocal of power factor is ? Q-factor
5) optical power is the power recived due to______? light
6) When RLC circuit is at resonance then? Power dissipation is maximum
7) The diversity factor is always ? more than 1
Load factor is equal to? Average load / peak demand
9) Which of the following is not the part of Aeroderivative turbine? Fans
10)The transmission voltages are generally cosidered to be greater than? 110KV
11)The voltages 66KV and 33KV are generally represent which part of power system ?
Subtransmission voltages
12)The voltages greater than 230KV are known as? Extra high voltage
13)Delta source is considered to be less expensive because? It does not utilize neutral wire to
14)When fault on power system is detected then ? Circuit breaker opens
15)The overload protection uses ? Current Transformer
16)The fault occurs due to lightening and storms on the transmission line is? Line to Ground
17)Fault in transmission line are ——-% symmetrical ? 5%
18)DIAC is a two terminal ? 4 layer device
19)In commercial analog to digital converter the output data is in the range of 6 bit upto? 32 bit
20)The class-A amplifier is used to achieve ? High Linearity
21)The ripple frequency of bridge rectifier is ? Twice the natural frequency
22)The class-A amplifier conducts for? 360 degrees
23)For measuring small resistance we use? Kelvin bridge
24)If R1 is the resistance of a coil of copper at t oC and RT is the resistance at T oC and also
the resistance temperature coefficient of copper per degree centrigrade at 0oC is 1/234.45, then
Rt/RT ? (234.45 + t) / (234.45 + T)
25)cos pi/4 , the period is equal to ? 8
26)The shunt winding of a motor has a resistance of 85 ohm at 22oC. When the motor runs at
full load, its resistance increases to 100 ohms. The resistance temperature coefficient of winding
per 0oC is 0.004. The rise in temperature of the winding will be nearly ? 70oC
27)The one unit of energy will be charged if 20 watts bulb run for hours? 50
28)An alternator operating at unity power factor, the armature flux ___________ main flux?
cross magnetizes      
29)The LTI system is characterized by? Impulse input/response
30)Fourier series expansion has _____________ harmonically complex exponentials? Infinite
31)Main feature of crystal diode _________? stability
32)The ROC of Z- Transform lies? z=0
33)Which one is used to generate DSB in AM? balanced modulator
34)z transform is used when signal is not ? absolute sumable, square sumable, converges
35)If ROC does not include unit circle then ? Z- transform converges
36)Any constant of t domain is a impulse in f domain with ? infinite height, zero width, unit area
37)By which a meter after checking with no current returns to its previous state? Controlling
38)The instrument used only for DC measurement ? Induction type
39)A moving iron ammeter coil has few turns of thick wire in order to have:Low resistance
40)A permanent magnet coil meter has which features Low power consumption,no hysteresis

loss,reduced eddy current,reduced damping
41)By connecting a shunt of higher value in galvanometer what will decrease? Current
sensitivity decreases
42)Relay is used in Transformer Protection? Bucholz
43)____ is defined as the measure of instrument by which it is error free? Answer:Accuracy
44)A _____ meter is used a null detector in wheatstone bridge? Answer:Galvanometer
45)_________is used for the measurement of Inductance? Hay bridge
46)____ bridge used for the measurement of resistance? Wheatstone bridge
47)The wavelength of an EM wave after reflection at an angle on a surface? Increases in the
actual direction of propagation
48)When electric field is parallel to the plane of incidence, the electromagnetic wave is said to
be? hyperbolically polarized
49)The EM field and current are concentrated close to the surface of the conductor. The
phenomenon is called? Skin Effect
50)? x H = J + D is? Maxwell equation
51)The ideal voltage source is one which ? when connected in a circuit supplies constant
voltage whether the current changes or remains constant
52)The passive components used in electronic circuits are resistance, inductance and?
53)In a loop the sum of all potential differences is equal to? sum of individual currents
54)Fundamental property used in 1-node pair circuit analyzer is? voltage
55)If potential of point A & B is Va and Vb then to find Vab, we take _____ as a reference node?
56)The current source in parallel with equivalent resistance represents? Norton’s Theorem
57)The active device is one which? supplies energy as well as converts energy from one form to
58)The potential difference between two points in an electric circuit is? electric pressure
59)Oscilloscope is a ___________ measuring device? Voltage
60)In superposition theorem all v-sourses are replaced by………? Short ckt
61)Superposition theorem relates to? thevenin and norton theorems
62)…….is like a 3 phase gives constant power? two phase
63)Variable speed requirements can be met by using? Wound rotor
64)The circuit in which current leads the voltage by 90 degree or voltage lags the current by 90
degree? Capacitive circuit

65)Which of the following convert’s thermal energy to kinetic energy? Rocket
66)the Power plant for which the availability of power is least reliable is? Wind
67)Which type of engine uses maximum air fuel ratio? Gas turbine
68)Which of the following relay is used in Motor for protection? Thermal relay
69)solid grounding is used for voltages? below 660 V
70)RC snubber circuit is used to suppress? rate of change of voltage
71)Which of the following is not the fundamental part of transformer core,windings,insulation,
mutual flux? Mutual flux
72)Ideal transformer is characterized by? winding resistance=0, core loss=0, core
73)Natural uranium contains _________ of U-235? 0.7%
74)Transmission line voltage is generally high voltage ________ alternating current? 3-phase
75)Which thing happens in gas discharge lamps? Ionization in vapour or gas
76)The battery used for electric power storage is? Lead acid cells
77)In submarine power system, the power is transmitted through_________ cable? HV DC
78)By connecting the conductive surfaces of all the equipments to the same ground wire , the
risk of electric shock is? Minimized
79)A small voltage (less than 10V) is considered to be ? Stray voltage
80)The component of switchgear which sense fault and initiate trip is? Protective Relay
81)Two overload Protection relays used are Instantanous over current and? Time Over current
82)Which of the following is not a purpose of disturbances monitoring equipment? incorrect
protection setting
83)The principle of ____ is used to analyze fault in power system ? Superposition Theorem
84)A team from the same department and functional area that involves in efforts to improve
work activities? Problem solving team
85)Single is for double and one is for? Two
86)Which one is odd in the list…. mile, inch, foot, yard, acre? acre
87)Which one is odd in the list… Loin, leopard, cow, tiger? cow
88)64 32 16 8 4 2 _____? 1
89)Pakistan largest province by area? Balochistan
90)Taxila was the capital of ? Gandhara

91)In earlier hours, on September 6, india cross border of Pakistan, city? Lahore
92)Northern end of Pakistan is occupied by western range of which of following? Himalayan
93)Which of the following Rukn-e-Islam is called a shield? Fasting
94)The literal meaning of word Qibla is? Anything infront
95)Youm-e-Arafat is known as? Hajj day
96)Largest, haviest and longest mammal and animal is? Blue whale
97)Wimbledon tournament is of which game? Lawn tennis
98)Old name of Iran was? Persn
99)Who first brought kashmir issue in the security council of UNO? India

100)The management organization in any industry acts upon ? Principles of managemeN


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