KIPS Academy Preparation Books for NMDCAT StudentsAre you looking for KIPS National MDCAT 2022 Preparation Books in pdf format? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place. We’ve posted the books for you here. These are the most recent books released by KIPS up to this point. We’ll post new KIPS books here as soon as they’re available. Work hard and you will succeed. Remember!Why choose Kips NMDCAT books?

KIPS books are created in such a way that they would assist all MDCAT students in achieving their objectives. These have been designed for the National MDCAT . All you have to do now is download them and begin preparing them. You should also prepare your province books in addition to these books. This is the KIPS book version for. We’ll post them here as soon as we acquire the latest edition.

Download Kips Preparation Books

1)KIPS Biology Practice Book

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2) Kips Chemistry Practice Book

3) Kips Physics Practice Book

4) Kips English Practice Book

5) Kips Logical Reasoning Practice Book

6) Kips Vocabulary Practice Book

NMDCAT Syllabus The test syllabus is published on the Pakistan Medical Commission’s website. According to the organisation, it follows a common HSSC curriculum. Biology, chemistry, physics, English language, and logical reasoning are all included. Last year, a section on logical reasoning was included. The Pakistan Medical Commission published the MDCAT 2022 syllabus in February of 2022. NMDCAT 2022 follows the same course as MDCAT 2021. Due to COVID-19 lockdowns, the individual provincial administrations and the federal government introduced the MDCAT syllabus for HSSC exams across the country. Keywords:mdcat
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