What is plagiarism? What is Turnitin?

a. What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism or plagiarism is a form of dishonest appropriation through copying of words; expressions and ideas of other authors. Plagiarism is considered morally wrong. Plagiarism is considered serious copyright infringement in academic and professional settings.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is one of the software used by many countries around the world. This is a system that compares student essay text with a source database. It will check if there are sentences in the essay that are similar to the existing content and return the results showing how many % of the essay has duplicate content.

The source database of the Turnitin software includes academic data, academic publications, exercises that have been updated on Turnitin and sources from the Internet. Currently on the Turnitin system there are more than 300 million essays, 110,000 publications and 24 billion different websites to compare.

2. Turnitin User Manual

to try to assignment or dissertation It is impossible Many students skip referencing material for fear that plagiarism will affect their grades. However, a research paper without documentation limits its reliability and quality. So, instead of trying to have a 0% plagiarism rate, just avoid letting the plagiarism rate exceed the 15% or % required by the school and your article will be approved. Thereby, you will reduce the rate of plagiarism on Turnitin.

a. What errors are considered plagiarism by Turnitin?

Once how to use Turnitin , you’ll know how to refer to documents without being accused of plagiarism. The following are common mistakes when using Turnitin.

– Duplicate error: Copy 100% of other people’s posts.

– Copy error (Copy): The essay has important parts copied exactly by someone else.

– Find-Replace error: Change key words and phrases but do not change the content.

– Document aggregation errors: Combine multiple sources of documents and phrase them in a way that helps them become one seamless block.

– Idea theft error: Using ideas and most of the content of the author’s own previous work without quoting.

– Stealing ideas: Borrowed largely from one’s own previous writing without quoting.

b. How to use turnitin software

How to run plagiarism on Turnitin? Because it is a paid software, to use Turnitin, you first need to register to create an account on the software itself. To be able to register an account at Turnitin, you can visit the website https://www.turnitin.com/ and follow the instructions to create an account.

Once you have an account, all you need to do is log in with the information you previously registered to access Turnitin. The plagiarism checker on Turnitin is also very simple and easy to do:

– Copy the content to be checked into the search box displayed on the screen

– Enter the verification code and proceed to Check Plagiarism

– Get results in seconds including plagiarism content, percentage similarities, percentages of personal creation.

3. MAAS shares some ways to reduce plagiarism rate on Turnitin as follows

a. Reduce the rate of plagiarism by “quoting the source properly”

How to check plagiarism with Turnitin? To keep the plagiarism rate to a minimum, cite it completely and accurately. There are many methods of extracting sources such as APA sources, Harvard sources, MLA sources, etc. Each method will have its own form of source extraction. Each university will have its own requirements for student citations, but the two most common sources are APA and Harvard citations.

Another way to reduce the plagiarism rate on Turnitin is to edit it before submitting a complete work. If the school has an account of plagiarism checking software, then really take advantage of it. In contrast, the school does not grant accounts to use plagiarism checking software , you can ask for the support of external plagiarism check services .

b. Reducing the rate of plagiarism by “changing sentence structure”

Be flexible in changing the sentence structure to express it your way. However, you still have to make sure to paraphrase the content of the author’s sentence. For example, you can change active sentences into passive sentences or swap the positions of words. In order not to misinterpret the author’s intention, you should read and re-read until you understand the meaning.

c. Reduce plagiarism on Turnitin by “using synonyms”

Wed avoid plagiarism Turnitin – Difficulty expressing the author’s ideas, instead of rewriting sentences, use synonyms. As a result, you can rephrase scanned phrases or content in a different way. But it should be noted that synonyms must have the same meaning as the original word and in the right context.

4. How to beat turnitin

No matter how overwhelming Turnitin’s advantages are, it is still, in essence, a system of text comparison. That’s why you can still get around Turnitin’s censorship by changing the structure of your sentences and expressions from the original. This method is very simple, you just need to rewrite the sentence from the original source according to your understanding.

Also, content that you explicitly quote from official sources will not be considered plagiarism by Turnitin. Therefore, you should get in the habit of citing sources fully. However, you should also note that you should not abuse citations to make your article lose its specialization and become a “composite of citations”. Know how to reconcile quotes and ideas, create your own content to make your articles more appreciated.


There have been many cases of not being able to “pass” the subject because of Turnitin . Don’t let your research and writing efforts go to waste because of the reduced plagiarism rate on Turnitin . In addition to the ways mentioned above, you should start doing the work right from the time the teacher assigns it.

Many students wait until the deadline to start reading the material leads to stress; having no idea to write articles and so on copying almost all of the author’s content increases the rate of plagiarism. If you start working early, you’ll have time to study the material thoroughly; understand the content and can paraphrase better. More than that; Completing your work early will give you more time to double- check with plagiarism checker software and correct it before submitting it. Many students who submit papers at the last minute have to accept low scores or fail the course because they do not have time to correct all the parts that are scanned for plagiarism .


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