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How to prevent scarring from chickenpox

 How to prevent chickenpox scars

One of the important principles when treating chickenpox is to avoid infection, so if the patient is not cared for properly, it is easy to leave keloid scars on the skin. 

How to prevent scarring from chickenpox
How to prevent scarring from chickenpox


Care for chickenpox patients properly to avoid scarring

Assoc _ . According to him, in order to limit scar complications and other dangerous complications from chickenpox, we need to be careful right from the stage of patient care, many patients have severe complications because their loved ones self-treat with chickenpox. folk ways at home such as applying leaves, abstaining from bathing... 


Change clothes, bathe daily with clean warm water with the shortest time possible in a sheltered, draft-free place. It is recommended to bathe with mild alkaline soap, to help disinfect the skin, to avoid itching on the skin.

Let the patient lie in a separate, well-ventilated room, clean the nose and throat with 0.9% physiological saline, pay attention to skin hygiene and oral hygiene.

Eat soft, easy-to-digest foods, meal ingredients must be rich, full of nutrients, absolutely no abstinence. Have the patient drink plenty of fluids, especially fruit juices.

If the patient has a fever over 38 degrees, they should be taken to the nearest medical facility for examination and treatment according to the doctor's protocol.

Note : Do not arbitrarily use the leaves of the plant to apply, apply or bathe, do not arbitrarily use oral drugs or apply to the skin including methylene blue, need a doctor's prescription with oral or topical medications. As soon as the chickenpox wounds heal, scabs are used scar cream to limit the best scar for the patient.

You need to pay attention to the care of chickenpox patients to help them avoid scarring and dangerous complications. However, for unwanted cases such as blisters that break early, or by scratching and scratching, leaving scars, the patient should apply the scar treatment methods below. 


Common methods of treating chickenpox scars

Scar caused by chickenpox does not have much impact on life, but has certain effects on aesthetics, especially chickenpox scars formed on the face. There are 2 common methods of treating chickenpox scars: natural treatments and scar creams.

Treat scars with natural ingredients

Common ingredients used to treat chickenpox scars with this method are aloe vera, honey, purple onions... With these methods, they only partially work with new scars, and natural medicinal ingredients have not been approved. The extract can only irritate the scar surface.

+ Advantages : Materials are easy to find, easy to use, do not cost too much

+ Disadvantages : The composition and quantity of these natural scar treatments are mostly untested by scientific studies, have been clinically tested on specific subjects, are prone to causing skin irritation. Skin reactions leave unfortunate consequences

Treat scars with scar cream

Scar cream can comprehensively affect the scar from the inside out by a special mechanism with the first step being to soften the skin on the outside, then break the hardening texture of the scar surface and then support the scar skin. Increase collagen production to heal scars. 


+ Advantages : This method of treating chickenpox scars has a safe mechanism of action, ingredients have been specifically tested, and is suitable for all ages. In particular, scar cream can help treat chickenpox scars thoroughly (improved more than 80% if used early, 30-50% if scars are old), moreover this treatment is not painful, and very convenient to use.

+ Cons : Almost no cons

How to prevent chickenpox

- Limit contact with patients, if in contact, wear a mask

- Clean personal hygiene, daily eye drops with 0.9% physiological saline

- Isolate the patient from the time of diagnosis (with rashes) until the blisters are completely dry and scaly. If the patient is an adult, it should be isolated from crowded places such as offices, classrooms.. for at least 7-10 days.

To prevent chickenpox and not take much effort to treat chickenpox scars, everyone needs to get vaccinated against chickenpox, the time for the vaccine to take effect is 3 weeks after vaccination, the immunity time of the vaccine does not exceed 15 years. .

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