NMDCAT REPEATERS SESSION will begin at GRIP INSTITUTE in the year 2022-23. They maintain their tradition by providing students with the best entry test preparation.

GRIP nmdcat books
The Best MDCAT BOOKSfor PMC test
ARE AVAILABLE Now in PDF form Download for free
1. GRIP Institute Practice Book of CHEMISTRY FOR MDCAT
Written by
Prof. Shoaib Anwer
2. GRIP Institute Practice Book of PHYSICS FOR MDCAT
written by
Prof. Hafiz Siddique
3. GRIP Institute Practice Book of BIOLOGY FOR MDCAT
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written by
Prof. Abid Umer
Tricks and tactics combined
Explanation of the Concept in Detail
Thousands of High-Quality Practices MCQs with Answers and Explanations
Solution for MDCAT Past Papers
Syllabus for the MDCAT
Concepts Hacks by GURU
4. GRIP Institute Practice Book of  ENGLISH FOR MDCAT
written by
Prof. Muhammad Azeem

A Practical Grammar Approach
MDCAT Grammar Rules with Explanations

 MDCAT Grammar Rules with Explanations
MDCAT Past Papers 1000
Identify the Error 1000

Alternative Sentence MCQs MCQs


Synonyms with a High Frequency
Synonyms with a Low Frequency
Use of Words in Sentences
1000 Sentence Completion Words

Meanings Variants 1000 Synonyms MCQs MCQs
5. GRIP  Institute10000 QUESTIONS BANK
Download Grip Institute Practice Books for Nmdcat Preparation free
1) GRIP Institute Practice Book of Biology
2) GRIP Institute Practice Book of CHEMISTRY
3) GRIP Institute Practice Book of Physics
4) GRIP Institute Practice Book of English
5) Grip Logical Reasoning Book


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