Selling is not an easy job. Even many people think that it is more art than science. This job becomes even more difficult in the current technological environment – where everything changes very quickly. To help improve the art of selling, here are 21 secrets every salesperson needs to “take it to heart”. The more reckless you are, the greater your chances of getting the results back. That is life. So one is to bet big, the other is to stay at home”, Mia Dand – CEO of Lighthouse3.

2. “Prepare lots of questions. Salespeople often focus only on preparing what they want to say to customers and forget to think about what questions to ask. A successful sales session should not stop at giving information to customers, but should ask questions to learn more about them.” Mark Hunter – The Sales Hunter.

3. “Incorporate video into the sales process. Try not to just speak from slide to slide in a monotonous, monotonous way. Instead, go around the room and engage your audience, then include videos that explain your points of view. Video content can be about how you are helping the company grow and interview team members,” said Yaniv Masjedi, Nextiva VP of marketing.

4. “Always give discounts to those who like to haggle. Cost per purchase will be: Slightly higher but customer ego: Priceless”, said Rohan Ayyar, marketing expert.

5. “Use your unique language, colors, fonts and images to personalize your message”, Paul Walker – Salesforce.

6. “Make friends with ‘friends of friends’. No matter how busy a person is, it is impossible to refuse a recommendation from a relative or friend,” said Rohan Ayyar, marketing expert.

7. “Apologize if you do something wrong, everything will get better. In the end, customers won’t remember much about the mistake you made, instead they care about what you did after,” said Matt Heinz, president of Heinz Marketing.

8. “Make friends with the marketing team at the company”, Phil Simpson, Salesforce.

9. “Affirmative words and phrases have magical powers. The word ‘because’ is one of them. In a sentence, the linking word ‘because’ stimulates the listener to think: ‘Oh, what I’m about to hear will justify what I’ve heard before’ and how this magical way can work formidable in your sales process,” David Priemer, Salesforce.

10. “Multitasking is an overrated skill. In fact, I believe multitasking is simply an opportunity to mess up a lot of things at once. The key to success in an opportunistic sales environment is rigorous prioritization,” said Nick Hedges, CEO and president of Velocify.

11. “Usually, after I’ve completed the first deal, I thank the client with a lunch or coffee. Once the deal is done, I realize that the pressure is gone and now it will be easier for you to build relationships with the client, preparing for longer-term goals later.” Medeiros, Salesforce.

12. “For customers from different backgrounds and backgrounds, listen more and talk less”, Tarum Pant, Salesforce.

13. “If you can make your customers laugh, you’ve made it!”, Elizabeth Ostby, Salesforce.

14. “No matter how busy you are, don’t let customer emails go back for hours or days without responding. Take 15 seconds to read the email and let them know you’ll reply in X amount of time sooner or later,” Bernad Sullivan, Salesforce.

15. “Before starting any discussion, always know who your customers are and how they make money. You will lose points quickly when sitting with a customer who is holding the CEO position without knowing what business he or she is operating in,” said Emily Markenson, Salesforce.

16. “Forget about lunch or beer. You should make real experiences together with your customers,” said Rohan Ayyar.

17. “First, let your customers know how much money they can save on the product. Then, using the art of cross-selling, suggest a product with the exact same price,” said Rohan Ayyar.

18. “A professional salesperson should focus on adding value to customers before they even ask. For example, instead of emailing or calling with the same content, why not send customers a business article or book that you think they will enjoy” – David Priemer.

19. “Sales performance measurement tools are not just for managers, it’s for salespeople themselves. Let them know the sales quota and visualize the revenue target,” said William Tyree, Marketing Director of RingDNA.

20. “Quick question… Are you good at storytelling? Or when was the last time you told a good story? Maybe this happens when you are chatting in a group of friends, colleagues or your children.

A good storyteller with the skill of concocting secret spices helps you make more friends, make more of an impact, and have more fun at work and in life. A good storyteller breaks barriers, engages your audience, turns you into a speaker, and can take your sales pitch to the next level. So the question is: Are you good at telling stories?” – Mark Raymo, Salesforce.

21. “Technology can’t help you make deals. What you need is the technology to help you do this faster, smarter, more efficiently,” said Matt Heinz, president of Heinz Marketing.


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