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What is Computer Distance Learning - Full Information Guide

 Computer Distance Learning

There are many online college courses and programs available via computer, and this is a growing trend in higher education. 

Computer Distance Learning

 Computer Distance Learning


I am wondering if it is possible to attend a US university through a computer. I live in another country, and won't be able to move.

Answer: The type of education you refer to is a form of so-called "distance education". There are many possibilities for such learning in the United States. One point to note: not all accredited schools in the area offer distance learning or online degree programs. Be careful to specify the accreditation of the schools you are interested in; An accredited out-of-area school may not give you what you're looking for in terms of degree recognition. Be especially careful about programs that offer credit for "life experiences" or similar credit recognition. 


You will find that there are many online courses and this is a growing trend in higher education. However, most accredited distance learning programs require at least a period of on-campus residency. Many American universities and colleges have links to this site that offer a number of distance learning courses that are well worth checking out. 


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