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What are the most prominent scholarships in Brazil?

scholarships in Brazil for international students

Studying abroad is a legitimate ambition for every international student looking for a bright and distinguished future, through which he achieves his dreams and goals. Therefore, he strives with all his might to catch up with an international university, study there and achieve his dreams.

scholarships in brazil for international students
scholarships in brazil for international students


There are many reasons that motivate the student to decide to study abroad, and the most prominent of these reasons is the quality of education that is offered in foreign universities, whose curricula are taught according to the latest educational methods, in addition to the strength of the certificate they provide, and thus help the student to obtain employment opportunities, and through study Abroad, the student experiences a new experience and a new challenge through which he learns a new language and coexists with distinctive customs and traditions.


However, studying abroad requires the student to have sufficient financial capacity to cover these costs, which contributed to stopping the ambitions of a large number of international students, and prevented them from achieving their dreams of studying abroad. Therefore, international universities decided to launch scholarship programs, in order to attract distinguished students, It gives them the opportunity to complete their studies.


Scholarships and grants is a partial assistance offered universities in country or government organizations outstanding students who turned their material conditions between them and complete university education, so grants as thread hope which the these students, and different scholarships between scholarships cover all costs study Living, partial scholarships cover part of the study costs while the other part must be covered by the student.


have followed Brazilian universities in the footsteps of international universities and have offered a wide range of scholarships for international students to study in Brazil , and in this article we will talk about the most prominent scholarships in Brazil.


1. Grant BAESA Brazil initiation Scholarship : This grant is one of most prestigious grants in Brazil, and allocate this grant in order conduct exploratory research or to study language in Brazil, and value of this grant US $ 1,500.


2- Canada and Brazil Awards : It is a set of awards granted by Brazil and Canada for joint research. This grant allocates all costs undertaken by the student during his research, provided that he undertakes a joint research between Canada and Brazil.


3- The IBRASIL - Erasmus Mundus project : It is a set of student grants offered by this project to European students wishing to study a university major in a Brazilian university. This project includes covering all costs of the grant, housing and accommodation.


4- General Academy of Sciences Scholarship TWAS : It is a group of fellowships offered by the General Academy of Sciences TWAS to students from developing countries who wish to study doctoral and post-doctoral studies in Brazil. It also provides students with many opportunities to work, and these grants cover study and living costs.


5- Scholarships of the Institute of Studies in Latin America and the Caribbean at the University of South Florida : It is a group of scholarships offered by this institute to international students from all over the world who wish to complete their studies in Brazil, and preference in these grants is given to students who wish to study Latin And in order for the student to enhance his chance of obtaining the scholarship, he must be proficient in the Spanish language. These scholarships cover living and study costs.


6- Scholarships CIEE : A group of grants offered by the Foundation CIEE for Travel to international students wishing to study at a Brazilian university. These grants cover study costs and living fees.


7- Robert Bailey Scholarship : It is a group of scholarships offered by the Robert Bailey Foundation to international students from all over the world who wish to study one of the disciplines at a university in Brazil in all undergraduate degrees, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, and this grant gives preference to the most needy and poor students This scholarship covers all tuition costs and living fees.


8. grant John E.Bowman : a group of grants offered international students wishing to study in Brazil, amounting value this grant $ 1,000, and offers international students requirement to prove possession of talent that allows them to get this grant.


9- Cosabio Scholarship : It is a group of scholarships offered by Cosabio Company, which works in the field of biotechnology to manufacture bio-reagents. These scholarships are allocated to international students from all over the world who wish to study biology, life sciences and related disciplines at a university in Brazil. The company has $3,000 per student to help him study.


10- Course GDPR Grants : This is a set of grants offered by the Foundation GDPR to international students wishing to improve their skills in certified data integrity, and this scholarship covers all tuition costs.




Thus, we see that studying in Brazil is a dream that the student can achieve by applying to the scholarships offered by the universities of Brazil , but the student must be keen to meet all the conditions required by these scholarships, and to apply at the time allotted for submission.


In conclusion, we hope that we have succeeded in providing information through which we answered the question we asked at the beginning, which is what are the most prominent scholarships in Brazil

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