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Valentine Week Day by day.. Gifts that can be given

Lovers and lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 of this month, and some consider it a special month of the year to express romance, by giving sweet and fun gifts, chocolates and roses to loved ones. 

Valentine Week
Valentine Week

Therefore, the "Times of India" website published a set of information about gifts that can be given in the month of love. 


* February 7 - Rose Day
The first day of Valentine's week is celebrated as Rose Day, when red roses can symbolize the purest form of love, and there is nothing more romantic than expressing love with a bouquet of fresh red roses.

*February 8 - Day of Proposal or Declaration of Love
February 8 is celebrated as the day of the proposal, because it is considered the best opportunity to declare love to the other party, and the promise of the engagement ring.

*February 9- Chocolate Day
Chocolate can be a symbol of love, so February 9 can be Chocolate Day, by giving loved ones a piece of chocolate or a beautifully crafted box of chocolates to express the love and effort.

*February 10- Doll's Day
Soft and gentle toys are a great way to express love, because there is something about teddy bears that brings a smile to the face, and they are also a symbol of childhood memories.

*February 11- Promise Day
There is no other day better than this to make promises worth remembering. Promise Day is celebrated on the 11th of February and it represents many beginnings yet to come. This important day can make one feel appreciated and loved in a relationship. 


* February 12 - Hug Day
Hugging a partner can be a cause of warmth and security, as this expression requires a special day, such as a hug, to signify the intimate relationship between couples.

* February 13 - Qibla Day
A kiss on the cheek can increase the love hormones of both partners.

*February 14 - Valentine's Day
Couples around the world celebrate this day, also known as Saint Valentine's Day, by being together at romantic cafes, movie dates, and making lots of love

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