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Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry (Murray, McGraw-Hill Medical, 26th Ed, PDF

 The New edition of Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry emphasises the connection between biochemistry and illness states, disease pathology, and medical practise. Harper's delivers a clear, short overview of the foundations of biochemistry that every student must master in order to succeed in medical school, with a full-color presentation and several medically relevant examples.

Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry
Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry


The following 58 chapters will assist you in comprehending the medicinal significance of biochemistry:
• Case examples stress the therapeutic significance of biochemistry • NEW CHAPTER on Transition Metal Biochemistry emphasises the importance and general pervasiveness of transition metals
• After each of the eleven parts, there are review questions.
• Every chapter contains a section on the biological value of a certain topic • Boxed Objectives explain the aims of each chapter • Tables summarise key information

• Hundreds of references to disease states throughout • New chapter addressing the biochemical roles of transition metals • Many updated review questions • Frequent tables summarising key links to disease states NEW TO THIS EDITION: • Emphasis throughout on the integral relationship between biochemistry and disease, diagnostic pathology, and medical practise
• Cover image of the Zika virus protein structure solved by cryo-EM • New text on cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM)

Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry is important for USMLE® review and the single-best reference for understanding the clinical relevance of any biochemistry topic, praised by medical students and online reviews for its currency and entertaining manner. 

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