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5 Natural Remedies to help Detoxify Your Body After a long Vacation

The long Tet holiday with many changes in living habits and delicious meals rich in energy has ended. You may want to go back to healthy habits to detox and boost your health. Do these 5 ways daily to feel great in no time. 

5 Natural Remedies to help Detoxify Your Body After a long Vacation
5 Natural Remedies to help Detoxify Your Body After a long Vacation


You 've spent holiday season enjoying time with family and friends, eating lots of delicious food, and having fun without worrying too much about calories, carbs or fat . Now is the time to get back to a healthy lifestyle and maintain healthy habits. 


There are some simple ways to clean up your diet after the holiday, so you can prepare for the new year with energy, enthusiasm, and a happy body .

Now that experts are quite cautious about recommending only juice- or other diets to remove toxins from the body, make these small changes to Supports the natural detoxification process.

1. Drink enough water

After drinking and eating in moderation during Tet, you often feel tired , sluggish and lack of energy. This is because your body is dehydrated and thirsty. Drinking water is the best way to detox from alcohol and fight dehydration when the body has consumed too much food and alcohol.

Alcohol acts like a diuretic, so it is essential that you stay hydrated after drinking alcohol.

Water also helps to remove toxins from all drinks, food, smoke, etc. and many pollutants in the body's systems. 

You can add a few slices of lemon to the water bottle to enhance the taste, add vitamin C and enzymes. Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine, drink herbal teas or green teas.

Also, try to eat vegetables, fruits, and water-rich foods like smoothies, soups, and even salads to stay hydrated when you're not drinking.

2. Don't skip breakfast

You may wake up feeling full after erratic meals, but start your day with a healthy . It resets your body by boosting your metabolism and mental well-being, getting you back on track.


If you're not a year-round plant-based eater, start your year off by swapping out your meat or egg meal for a plant-based breakfast. Breakfast is one of the easiest plant-based meals because there are so many options. By choosing plants for breakfast, you'll be following a diet full of raw foods, giving you more energy. 

Choosing plants means taking in more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your cells can process into energy faster and helping you feel more energized throughout the day.

Great breakfast options include: oatmeal, pudding, quinoa cereal, homemade granola with some plant-based yogurt, green smoothie, fruit and nuts, pickled oatmeal night with coconut yogurt, or even a fresh vegetable juice.

3. Adopt a detox diet

To cleanse your body and remove toxins, you can follow a detox diet after the holiday. Just follow a few simple tips in the weeks following Tet:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol,
  • Prioritize a diet rich in fruits and vegetables,
  • Add good fats and especially omega 3 (canola oil, fish,...),
  • Drink lots of water, eat dairy products…

 Reducing the amount of meat in the daily menu and eating more plant-based foods helps to cure chronic inflammation, good for the heart, improves mental health, meets nutritional needs, improves symptoms allergies, promoting health and many other health effects.

Cut chips, cakes, and other high-fat foods out of your menu. Eat light, fresh and natural foods; Avoid processed, fried or foods with sauces.

Eat plenty of lean protein, fibrous vegetables and fruits, and try to stay away from sweets for a few days. A higher fiber intake is recommended to help keep the digestive system working at a healthy rate.

Eating an afternoon snack helps keep your metabolism kicking. Just a handful of almonds with unsweetened yogurt or a bit of fruit will be very helpful. 

- Save your fat for whole food sources, such as avocado, olives, coconut and nuts and seeds instead of using refined oils. Processed vegetable oils generally lack the nutrition of whole food oils.

- It is necessary to minimize the amount of salt consumed daily to avoid increased blood pressure , cravings and possibly weight gain due to water. Sodium is naturally present in most foods and adding salt to your food is unnecessary with herbs and natural flavorings. Skip the salt and you'll feel lighter, cleaner, and overall more balanced in no time. 


4. Use spices to wake up the metabolism

One of the best detox strategies is to provide substances that help speed up metabolism. Spices are a great choice. For example, adding coriander seeds in meat, fish, and salad dishes warms the body, boosts metabolism without irritating the mucous membranes.

Ginger is also very valuable in stimulating metabolism and activating digestive enzymes. You can make a cup of hot ginger tea to sip in the morning or evening or add it to any dish that suits you. 

5. Play sports

There is nothing better than a little sport to boost metabolism. Be active for at least 45 minutes until you feel sweaty and your heart pounding. Sweating is one of the natural ways our bodies detox. 

An endurance exercise stimulates the body to release endorphins - a catalyst that creates a happy mood. In an hour after a run, a swim , or a bike ride, you'll forget all your fatigue, stress, and calm your mind, gain confidence, and be in an almost euphoric mood.

And of course, don't forget to get a good night's sleep. Your hormones, body clock, and overall health depend on quality sleep .


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