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10 Tough Situations that International Students will almost certainly Face

 Studying abroad promises to bring you many difficulties and it will be an opportunity for you to better understand your own will to achieve success.
1. Always face full of immediate difficulties such as conflicts with housemates, stumbling blocks in studies, and most often, intense homesickness, but never say it. The mantra when answering the family's phone is always "I'm fine".

2. Spending hours at the library looking up the dictionary but still only understanding a few short lines, feeling scared of an approaching exam, worried about the results of studying, vaguely self-conscious. Ask if the decision to study abroad is right or not.


3. Having to go to school, work part-time even on important New Year occasions, when friends loudly share partying photos on Facebook. Just "falling in" and still determined to study and do well, to return to her mother soon!

4. There is not a true close friend group to be able to share everything in life.

5. Feeling helpless because you can't be with your family and close friends when they need you the most.

6. Chorus of instant noodles. The last days of the month, the nights of review, the times when "bored not bother to rush into the kitchen", instant noodles are the most effective salvation.

7. Willing to accept taking the bus to the outskirts of the city just because the supermarket there is cheaper than in the downtown area, then bear the burden of carrying a bunch of packages home with tired hands.

8. Trembling at times when the teacher asks to choose a friend to do group presentations, especially when she is new and always insists on being a foreigner (for international students who are foreign students). rare in school).


9. Falling into a state of anxiety every time you check out at the supermarket, afraid that the amount left on the card will not be enough to pay the cashier.

10. Wondering whether to study further or return to the country, should stay or return home, should continue the series of days of accommodation - school - supermarket or return home. The desire to return from the early days was suddenly faltered by the "should not" arguments. And whatever decision is made, it is only the beginning of a new journey.

It's really difficult, but in return you have days of experience that not everyone has the opportunity to go through. Cherish these moments to see one day how miraculously a youth studying abroad has helped you to grow up and be strong

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