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Study Masters in Germany for International Students

Studying a master’s degree in Germany is a dream for many researchers, because Germany offers wonderful advantages in terms of study and research, and German universities are known to be among the most important universities in the world, as they are distinguished by the fact that they receive many students from Europe and abroad, where It is unique in an attractive location in the middle of the European continent, and many students come to it to study different disciplines, offered by German universities with the highest academic and research techniques, so studying a master’s degree in Germany can be one of the important steps in the life of any scientific researcher, as it is one of the most important certificates Academic and study qualifies for academic growth and the labor market as well.

About studying a master’s degree in Germany:

There is no doubt that studying a master’s degree in Germany is one of the highest international certificates, and it certainly carries many advantages, as studying a master’s degree in Germany is characterized by the fact that it contains several programs, including extended or complementary master’s programs, which follow the same specialization of study for the bachelor’s degree. It is required by the scientific researcher, from universities in Germany or from other universities, and the master’s study can also be a separate and independent study in a different specialization, but it requires that the student holds courses or certificates in the specialization to be studied.

A master’s study in Germany is also characterized by the fact that most of it is in German, and often one of its conditions will be that the student has a certificate in the German language, or evidence of his proficiency in the German language is fully proficient, and despite that there are some master’s programs that can be studied in English .

Studying a master’s degree in Germany remains one of the most important scientific degrees, as it has many specialties, which Germany is particularly famous for, and Germany’s location in relation to the European countries around it is a privileged and middle position, which makes it a source of attracting many foreign students from countries around the world. . ​

Study a master’s degree in English in Germany:

A master’s study in distinguished by the Germany is fact that it is not only in German, but there are many study programs that can be studied in English as well, where several disciplines can be studied in English such as studying science, engineering, humanities and social subjects.

Some students and researchers may be tempted to study in German in German universities, since most of the free study programs are usually in German, a feature that many of them find irreplaceable or dispensable, as most other programs taught in English are often They are not paid, and there is an option to study English language courses before starting to study the study programmes, which makes it very costly for many researchers, but studying in English remains a preferred choice for many of them, as the specialization can be easily understood and mastered. English is the first language in the world, and studying in it is one of the highest and most in demand in the labor market.

And there are still some free study programs that can be studied in English, and they are often in lesser-known universities, and somewhat smaller educational institutions, where there are many fields of master’s study in Germany.

Admission requirements to study a master’s degree in Germany:

There are many requirements that a researcher or graduate student must meet, to obtain admission to a master’s degree from Germany, and the most important of those requirements are:

1- requirements Language :

As the master’s study in Germany will most likely be in the German language, which is a prerequisite for many master’s study programs, especially free programs, the graduate student must pass a test called DSH , or another test TESTDAF , and these tests are available in German universities, or the student can take these tests in his country before going to study in Germany.

2- Academic requirements or HZB :

This term means the certificates required to study a master’s degree in Germany, and those certificates are obtaining a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from other certificates, from Germany or from any other country that is allowed to study in Germany, so that you can apply to complete a master’s study In Germany .

3- Other requirements:

Those who want to study a master’s degree in Germany must specify the required specialization accurately, as the student is supposed to have spent a certain number of hours of study in the specialization, while obtaining a master’s degree, and the student can also apply to the university in Germany directly, or apply Through the website, the student must definitely have a valid passport, original and language certificates, and pay the fees specified by the university.

Living and housing costs while studying for a master’s degree in Germany:

The tuition costs for one semester during a master’s study in Germany range in the range of 500 euros, in addition to other costs and fees, knowing that there are many universities that give the opportunity to study free of charge, and exemption from tuition fees, but there are still some related expenses. The activities within the university range from 300 euros. As for the costs of private universities, they are not specified, but they are considered very expensive and not supported by the government.

As for living costs, housing for students in Germany depends on private housing, as Germany does not provide accommodation within the university in most universities, so housing and life can cost up to 900 euros per month, and it varies from place to place, the major cities are not the small cities in Germany, and single housing other than shared housing, the smaller the city and the shared housing, the lower the cost of living.

Top 3 universities in Germany:

 1 – Frye University:

Frei University is located in Berlin, and it is one of the most important universities in Berlin in Germany, as it is considered a leading university in the study of arts and social studies, and holds the best rankings in the world, and one of its most important advantages is that it allocates more than a third of its numbers every year to foreign students, It is one of the most important master’s study universities in Germany.

 2 – Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich:

It is considered one of the oldest universities in Germany, ranked 60th in the classification in the QS world, and one of its most important features is that it offers study in many disciplines in English, in order for foreign students to study there for some disciplines, such as physics, psychology and management Business .

3- Heidelberg University :

The most important and prestigious universities in Western Europe, and not only in Germany, can offer masters of science disciplines at the highest levels, as it occupies the 50th place in the world, and the university opens its doors to foreign students, who represent more than one-fifth of its student numbers, It is a distinguished university in the fields of science and modern technologies

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