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PST Mock Test 02 MCQs| ETEA SST,PET,TT,QARI Practice Test Series

 Etea Practice Test Series Test #02



1)   Choose the correct spelling:

A. Transent

B. Transeint

C. Transient

D. Trancient

2)  Antonym of ESSENTIAL is                        7

A. Extra

B. Noughts

C. Minors

D. Trivial 

PST Mock Test 02 MCQs
PST Mock Test 02 MCQs


3)   If she is not interested, we will                     the proposal.

A. vaccant

B.  abandon

C.   impulse

D.  remove

4)   I promise to                you in all circumstances.

A. stand up to

B. stand by

C. stand off

D. stand with  

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5) Passive Voice of  "They drew a circle.".

A. A circle was being drawn by them.

B. A circle was drawn by them.

C. A circle have been drawn by them.

D. A circle has been drawing since morning.


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6) Antonym of INDUSTRIOUS is                           ?

A.  Diligent

B.  Assiduous

C.  Tireless

D.  Passive

7) Synonym of Abbreviation is                            ?

A.  Medium Form

B.  Long Form

C.   Short Form...

D.  None of these

8)   Choose the correct sentence:

A.  Our school is built of bricks.

B.  Our school is built from bricks.

C.   Our school is built out of bricks.

D.  Our school is built with bricks. 


9)   I'm                sure of it as you are.

A. as

B. quite

C. perfectly

D. very

10) Synonym of Abolish is                           ?

A. Carry Away

B. Do away with

C. Complete

D. None of these


11) Choose the correct spelling:

A. Acertain

B. Ascertain

C. Assertain

D. Asertain




12) we can drive             the tunnel.

A. in

B. into

C. On

D. Out of


13)                    the sun come up?

A.  have

B.  was

C.   has

D.  Is


14) Antonyms of "busy'?

A.  Occupied

B.   Engaged

C.   Relaxed

D.  Burdon

15)   Some stories are incredibly exciting from start to finish. Choose the correct adverb in the sentence from given option.


A.  some

B.  are

C.   incredibly

D.  exciting

16) Choose the correct sentence:

A.  I have a decent house to live

B.   I have decent house to live in

C.   I have a decent houses to live in

D.  I have decent houses to live



17) My mother-in-law is

A.  stay

B.  staying

C.  be staying

D.  will stay


at our house this week.

18) What is the feminine of bull?

A.  Heifer

B.  Mule

C.  Tigress

D.  Ostrich

19)   We have lived in this flat             five years.

A.  ago

B.  already

C.   for

D.  since


20)   Find the odd one out:

A.   Windscreen

B.    Driver

C.    Wheel

D.   Door






21) What is the Quotient of 33 divided by 10?

B.    4

C.   10



22) Find the missing operation?

12        6 x 4 = 8


A.   +


C.    ÷

D.    x


23) If the nominator of a fraction is smaller than its denominator,

then the fraction is called a                              ?

A.  Proper fraction

B.  Improper fraction

C.   Mixed fraction

D.  None of these


24) 0.005 is equal in percentage to                               ?

A.   5%

B.   50%

C.   500%

D.  None of these



25) Straight angle is equal to                        ?

A.    45°

B.    90°

C.    180°

D.    360°

26) Any non zero number divided by itself is equal to

A.     0.5

B.     1

C.     5

D.     10

27) A bamboo is 24 meter long, if 25% of its length is above the
       ground 8z remaining part is inside the ground. How many

meters bamboo is inside the ground?

A.     6 meter

B.     12 meter

C.     18 meter

D.     20 meter


28) The price of 2 dozen eggs are Rs. 126.76 . Find the price of one

A.       0.12

B.       3.60

C.       5.28

D.      12.67

29)      The sentence, 3 < 0 is                                ?

A.  True sentence

B.  False sentence

C.  Open sentence

D.  None of these

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30)    Area of rectangle having length 0.9m & width 0.5m is equal to?

A.       4.5m2

B.       40 cm2

C.       45 cm2

D.       40m2


31) The sum of 2x2 and 5x3


A.       7x5

B.       10 xs

C.       10 x6

D.  None of these


32) If 8x — 16 = 8, then x=                            ?

A.        3

B.        4

C.        8

D.        16


33) Number that cannot be divided completely by 2

Is called                      ?

A.  Even number

B.  Odd number

C.  Natural number

D.  Whole number



34)     The number 24 and 8 are in the lowest    ratio

A.       1 : 3

B.       6 : 4

C.       3 : 1

D.       8 : 3


35)      Which one is not a perfect square?

A.       25

B.       49

C.       56

D.       64


36)     0.03 is equal to


A.         30

13.       30/100

C.         3/1000

D.         30/1000


37)   The sum of first 10 whole number is:

A.       9

B.       20

C.       34

D.       45

E.       55


38)     The expression 1% is equal to

A.        1

B.       100

C.        1/100

D.         1/1000



39)  Identify prime numbers among the following numbers?

A.       14

B.       18

C.       27

D.       31

E.       36


40) The formula used to measure the circumference of a circle

is                             ?

A.  irr

B.      27rr

C.      47rr

D.      27(7.2



General Science



41) The process of respiration in plants

A.   makes glucose

B.   makes oxygen

C.    makes carbon dioxide

D.   occur only at night 42) Sound cannot travel in

A.   Gases

B.    Liquid

C.    Solid

D.   Vacuum

43) Amphibians live in

A.     Water

B.     On land

C.     Both in water & On land

D.     None

44) Of all the gases present in the air, which one of the following is
       highest in percentage

A.     Nitrogen

B.     Hydrogen

C.     Oxygen

D.     Carbon dioxide


45) The SI unit of "pressure" is?

A.     Joule

B.     Tesla

C.     Henry

D.     Pascal



46) The symbol used for Lead metal is

A.     F

B.     Ld

C.     Pb

D.     Na


47) Which one of the following can be easily dissolved in water?

A.   Sand

B.   Salt

C.    Flour

D.   All can be dissolved easily.


48) Which component of blood helps the blood to clot and stop

A. Red blood cells

B. White blood cells

C. Platelets

D. Plasma

49) Hydrocarbons are compounds of:

A.  Carbon & Hydrogen

B.  Carbon & Oxygen

C.  Carbon only

D.  None of these


50) The Organ which does not produce any digestive secretion

is                              ?

A.  Liver

B.  Kidney

C.  Pancreas

D.  Stomach



51) Air is a                              of heat?

A.  Good insulator

B.  Bad insulator

C.       Good conductor

D.       Bad conductor


52) The Earth's atmosphere is divided into 5 atmospheric layers.
       The Ozone Layer lies in the;

A.  stratosphere

B.  mesosphere

C.  troposphere

D.  Thermosphere

53) The density of water is                      ?

A.      1 glcm3

B.      1.5 gicm3

C.      2 gIcm3

D.      None of these

54) All of the following substances are crystalline

except                       ?

A. Ice

B. Diamond

C. Sucrose

D. Plastic

55) Vitamin A is found in the                       ?

A. Yellow vegetables

B. white vegetables

C. Green vegetables

D. Red vegetables






56) The number temperature of human body is?

A.     34°C

B.     37°F

C.     90°C

D.     98.6°F


57) What happens to a person who receives the wrong type of

A.   All the arteries constrict

B.   All the arteries dilates

C.    The RBCs agglutinate

D.   The spleen and lymph nodes deteriorate

58) The heat in metal rod flows by the process of                                   ?

A.     Conduction

B.     Convection

C.     Radiation

D.     All of these


59) The flow of electrons is called                               ?

A.     Heat

B.     Current

C.      Voltage

D.     Work


60) Blood is carried towards the heart from the whole body, by?

A.  Arteries

B.  Capillaries

C.   Veins

D. none of these




61) What was the age of Hazrat All (RA) when he embraced Islam:

A.    8 yeas

B.    10 years

C.    12 years

D.    14 years


62) What was the official language declared in 1956 constitution??

A.   Both Urdu & Bengali

B.   Hindi

C.    Bengali

D.   Urdu

63) Pakistan conducted nuclear tests on May 28, 1998 at?

A.   Toba Kakar

B.   Kohe-e-Sufaid

C.    Chaghi Hills

D.   Raskoh

64) Who was the founder of Daily English Newspaper Dawn?

A.   Z.A Sulehri

B.   Quaid-e-Azam

C.    Liaquat All Khan

D.   None of them


65) Who was the second Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A.   Liaquat All Khan

B.   Feroze Khan Noon

C.    Ch Muhammad Ali

D.   Khuwaja Nazim-ud-Din



66) Mirpur is a famous city of:

A.   Sindh

B.   KPK

C.    Punjab

D.   Azad Kashmir

67) Tenure of 10 years is called as                 ?

A.  Decade

B.  Century

C.  Millennia

D.  None of these


68) The shape of the earth is called as                    ?

A.  Square

B.  Cone

C.       Circular

D.       Geoid

69) Frank Messervy was the first Commander-in-Chief of                     ?

A. Navy

B. Air Force

C. Army

D. None of them


70) Mujahideen movement was launched under the leadership of?

A.  Haji Shariatullah

B.  Syed Ahmad Shaheed

C.       Shah Wali Ullah

D.       Atta Ullah shah Bukhari




71) Who is current secretary general of the United Nations?

A. Javier Perez de Cuellar

B. Kofi Annan

C. Ban-Ki-Moon

D. Antonio Guterres

72) Which country on 14 July 2020 has banned China's Huawei 5G

A. India

B. Malaysia

C. United Kingdom

D. United states

73) On  29 November Pakistan dispatched the world's  loneliest
       elephant Kaavan to which country?

A. Comb odia

B. Columbia

C. Vietnam

D. Myanmar

74) Who is the Current 1G of Punjab Police?  

A. Amjad laved Saleemi

B. Capt. (R) Arif Nawaz Khan

C. Inam Ghani

D. Sanaullah Abbasi

75) The first case of novel coronavirus was identified in:

A. Beijing

B. Shanghai

C. Wuhan, Hubei

D. Tianjin

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