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Cultural Scholarship Program|How to Apply

Cultural Scholarship Program

The cultural scholarship program, which is a program offered by most Arab countries in general, and in particular the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, every year by providing a scholarship, that is, a scholarship, to employees students, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees, that qualifies them and helps them to advance and develop their academic and professional field, as it provides them There are many advantages in scholarships and help them achieve their ambitions and dreams in the field of study and work.

Cultural Scholarship Programme
Cultural Scholarship Programme


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And in our article, we will talk about the cultural scholarship program that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers every year, as it facilitates the way for them to cross outside the borders of the Kingdom for advancement and development, and we will explain the scholarship terms, the terms of reference for the cultural scholarship.


Cultural Scholarship Program


The various features and characteristics, how to register, and the existing universities for external cultural scholarship programs.

First: The terms of the cultural scholarship program:

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There are many terms and conditions for cultural scholarships that students and employees are obligated to abide by and observe, and they are of two types; Special scholarship clauses and general scholarship clauses. In this paragraph, we will list the general and special clauses:


    General terms of cultural scholarship:


    Students and employees who wish to apply for the program scholarship cultural must hold Saudi Arabian citizenship.


    Students and staff should know and ensure that the specialization they will apply for is included in the cultural scholarship program.

    It is important that the specialization that the student and employee will study be related and related to the specialization of his initial study.

    The student and the employee prepare his papers and documents related to ensuring his physical, mental and psychological safety.

    All papers and credentials are prepared and translated into the language of the country in which the scholarship is to be studied, to be submitted at the appropriate time that coincides with the opening of the scholarship period.

    The employee must have his professional record free of disciplinary penalties and warnings, that is, his behavior is good, and he does not have any legal violations during his work.


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    Special cultural scholarship conditions:


    One of the basic conditions that greatly affect the acceptance of the student or employee on his passing and entry to the scholarship is the extent of interrelationship between the scholarship and its academic and professional field. It is preferable that the student be familiar with the scholarship specialization that he will study, and the employee has good experience. 



    The student and the employee must obtain the final acceptance of the scholarship through the educational program approved in the cultural scholarship program.

    Accuracy in time and absence of school days during the period of cultural scholarship.

    Qualifying in the qualifying scholarship program and obtaining success at a high rate, which is presented to the student and the employee as well, before receiving the scholarship and travel, that is, within the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Second: Specializations of the cultural scholarship:


The cultural scholarship program provided holders of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, facilities to obtain high academic degrees, such as; Doctor, master, and bachelor's degrees as well, and the specializations included literature and arts and their exact specializations, and they are the following:

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Music: study; Musical instruments, general music, musical production.


Architecture: landscape architecture, urban planning, architecture, urban design.


Film industry: Art criticism, action films, animation, film theories.

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Theatre: directing, other performing arts, ballet, drama, circus, acting.


Visual arts: calligraphy, photography, cinematography, art history, painting, sculpture, art theories.


Design: Fashion Design, Gold and Jewelery Design, Metal Art Decoration, Ceramic Industry, Interior Design, Graphic Design.


Archeology: restoration of artistic heritage, archaeological studies.

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Libraries and Museums: Museum Studies, Library Studies, Printing and Publishing, Information Science, Documentation.


Culinary arts: food preservation, food science and technology, baking, pastry cooking.


Literatures, languages ​​and linguistics: phonetics, creative writing, classical languages, translation, linguistics, foreign languages, literature.

Third: The advantages of the cultural scholarship program:

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The scholarship program bears expenses that may burden students and staff, so countries give students scholarships so that they can study without pressure. Cultural scholarship programs include study costs, student living expenses, and health insurance, with the costs of travel and transportation between countries.

Fourth: Universities of the Cultural Scholarship Program:


The universities give vacant seats for students who wish to complete their studies, and will mention in this paragraph lot of universities, and are following: Beijing University , Hong Kong University , Tstnhua University , Kyoto University , National University Australia ,  National University Singapore , Seoul National University , University Munich , Swiss Federal Institute of technology in Zurich , Massachusetts Institute of technology , University California, Berkeley , Collenal University ,  Stanford University , Duke University , Columbia University , Washington University, St. Louis , Northwestern University , California Institute of technology , Johns Hopkins University , College London Economics , Rice University , New York University , E. Murray University , Kkaranji Mellon University , University Knott Wardam, Georgetown University , University southern California , University Virginia , University Cambridge , Paris University of Science and Arts .

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From the foregoing, we have come to the conclusion of our article, which was entitled, The Cultural Scholarship Program , where we dealt with many essential titles.


We wish you benefit, and God is the guardian of success

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