Study MBBS in Malaysia Full Guide

Studying medicine in Malaysia is characterized by its low tuition fees and
cost of living, unlike many other Asian and European countries, and
characterized by its studying
in Malaysia is high quality and well-known among local and international

Therefore, Malaysia is a study destination for many international students,
because it combines the two advantages that any student looks for when
considering the decision to study
abroad , low tuition and living costs, and an excellent level of education
that is no less than any other country.

Why study medicine in Malaysia:

With more and more foreign universities conducting campuses in Malaysia, the
country continues to thrive as a learning center for international education,
moreover, Malaysian healthcare spending is expected to grow to reach RM80
billion, indicating that now is the best time To join the profession of
medicine and health care.

Here are some of the reasons for studying medicine in Malaysia:

1- The best destination for health and medical tourism:

Malaysia is among the health and medical tourism destinations in Asia,
Malaysia has been a popular destination for healthcare tourists since its
recognition by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) in 2015.

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2- Affordability:

You can save a lot of tuition fees and living costs by studying locally,
Malaysia is home to some of the best
universities in the world , and Malaysia can offer you a cost-effective
global education.

job opportunity :

Despite the popular belief that Malaysia is oversaturated with medical
professionals, and the reality is that the country is sorely lacking in
specialized doctors, there are currently only about 5,000 specialized medical
practitioners serving the Ministry of Health, and steps are being taken to
increase that number.

Best universities to study medicine in Malaysia:

The table below shows the best universities to study medicine in Malaysia,
according to the QS ranking:




Taylor University


Sunway University


University of Malaya

Kuala Lumpur

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


Universiti Sains Malaysia


International University of Malaya Wales

Kuala Lumpur

International Medical University

Kuala Lumpur

Faculty of Medical Sciences of Cyberjaya University


Monash University

Kuala Lumpur

Tunku Abdul Rahman University (UTAR)


UCSI University

Kuala Lumpur

Administrative Sciences University (MSU)


International Islamic University of Malaysia


Admission requirements for studying medicine in Malaysia:

Materials required to study medicine:

To study a medical degree, you must have studied these subjects for
SPM or equivalent, based on the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) requirements
for medicine:

  1. biology.
  2. Chemistry.
  3. Physics.
  4. Mathematics
    or additional mathematics.

As for A-level, STPM or equivalent, the required subjects are:

  1. biology.
  2. chemistry.
  3. Physics or
  4. In
    addition, you must also have a level of proficiency in the English language
    to be able to successfully complete a degree in medicine.

Requirements to study medicine in Malaysia:

Level A : You must
have BBB, ABC, AAC in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics.

STPM : You must have a
BBB, ABC, AAC in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics.

Australian :
Entry Minimum 80 ATAR including 80% average in
Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics.

Foundation in Science or Matrikulasi : Minimum
GPA of 3.00 in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics, and 5 Bs in SPM (or
equivalent) including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics or Additional

Note: Admission requirements for some universities may be
higher, so check with the respective university before applying.

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Subjects you will study to obtain a Malaysian medical certificate:

Most medical degrees fall into two phases.

The first stage :

The first phase (the first two years of your degree) focuses on pre-clinical
training in an academic environment where you will learn the theoretical basics
of medical sciences. Some of the subjects you will study are:

  1. Description.
  2. Biochemistry.
  3. microbiology.
  4. pharmacology.
  5. Pathology.
  6. Clinical

The second phase :

It consists of the remaining years of your degree, focused on clinical
training where you will conduct clinical courses in hospitals and health
clinics, you will gain hands-on experience with patients and you will have the
opportunity to experience various clinical specialties such as general
medicine, surgery, pediatrics and internal medicine.

Duration of studying medicine in Malaysia:

Depending on the institution and your level of study, the duration of study
may vary, in general, the duration of each study level is as follows:

  1. Incorporation:
    one year.
  2. Diploma: 3
  3. Bachelor’s
    degree: 5 years.
  4. Master’s
    degree: 2-4 years.
  5. PhD: 3-6

The general path to becoming a doctor in Malaysia:

Step 1: Complete a pre-medical course (eg A-Level, STPM,
Foundation in Science) after SPM.

Step 2: Enroll in the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
(MBBS) degree which normally takes 5 years.

Step 3:
Undergo two years of home work, which is a mandatory training
for all aspiring doctors, once you have completed your homework you will be a
qualified doctor.

Step 4: If you want to be a specialist (such as an
anesthesiologist, gynecologist, pediatrician), you will first need to work for
several years as a doctor to gain experience.

Step 5: Once you have accumulated some experience as a
doctor, you can continue your postgraduate studies, which takes about 4-5
years. You will also need to undergo 2-4 years of supervised training as a

Step 6:
Finally, once you have met the criteria to be a specialist,
you can register yourself with the MMC as a specialist.

To summarize: It generally takes 8-9 years to become a
fully registered physician than to complete an SPM, and more than 10 years to
become a specialist.

Tip: Ensure that your medical degree is recognized by the Malaysian Medical Council ,
otherwise, you may risk not being able to practice medicine in Malaysia.

Average salaries for medical professions in Malaysia:



Annual salary (in Malaysian ringgit)


82,000 – 200,000

a nurse

30,000 – 60,000

medical researcher

40,000 – 70,000


200,000 – 600,000


70,000 – 200,000


120,000 – 400,000

doctor and obstetrician

50,000 – 100,000

Costs of studying medicine in Malaysia:

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There is a different type of tuition fee in Malaysia, depending on the
course and university that is chosen.



Annual tuition fee (in RM)

Bachelor’s degree

25,000 – 130,000

Master’s degree

20,000 – 60,000


16,000 – 50,000

Conclusion :

Malaysia is one of the best destinations to study abroad, ranked among the
best in the world by international students, with over 100 universities, low
tuition fees and a wide range of study programmes, in Malaysia you will get
world-class academic training, experience a friendly and multi-environment
cultures and explore the beautiful tourist attractions that Malaysia has to



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