How to get scholarship in Japan?

Japan is a very popular study destination for international students from
all over the world. Japan is also known for its progress in various fields,
especially the fields of technology and robotics. Japan also has many
universities with world rankings, great quality of education, in addition to
the high standard of living that an international student can get to study in
Japan. But not many international students can afford travel, accommodation,
tuition fees, etc. As a result, we will present to you in this article the most
important scholarships in Japan provided by the government and public and
private universities in Japan.

Scholarships in Japan:

In this article, we will learn about the most important and best
scholarships in Japan and what each scholarship covers and the most important
details of these scholarships, just continue.

1- JapaneseGovernment MEXT Scholarship :

It is a scholarship given annually by the Japanese government. They are
provided to increase international competitiveness and also to enhance student
mobility. Thus, scholarships are awarded to students based on the
recommendations of the Japanese Embassy or Consul General in the student’s home
country or the Japanese university to which the student has been accepted or is
currently studying.

  1. Host country: Japan.
  2. Host universities: Japanese universities.
  3. Funding the grant: the Japanese government
    (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).
  4. Funding: fully funded.
  5. Eligible Students: International students from
    all over the world.
  6. Degree of study: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and

What the scholarship covers:

The Japanese Government Scholarship is fully funded, as it covers
all costs as follows:

  1. 100%
    tuition fee.
  2. Monthly
  3. In
    exchange for travel.
  4. The
    scholarship also provides other support costs for international students.

For more details, visit your home country’s Japanese embassy, website, MEXT
or the university you are interested in studying at.

2- JASSO Scholarships:

The Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) is an organization
that aims to support international students in Japan. It also offers two types
of scholarships:

First type:

Monbukagakusho Honorary Scholarship for Privately Funded International
Students. This scholarship is offered to students who have been accepted and
enrolled in any Japanese university, graduate school, junior college, college
of technology, specialized course, advanced course, or preparatory course. The
scholarship program lasts for 12 months and provides students with a monthly

The second type:

It is a student exchange support program. This is for students who are
accepted into any Japanese institute of higher education under a student
exchange agreement for a short period of time. A stipend is also provided to
students under this program for 8 days to 12 months.

For more details about these two types of grants, you can visit the official
website JASSO .

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3- Joint Japan-World Bank Scholarship Program:

Another of the most important scholarships program in Japan is the Joint
Japan-World Bank Scholarship Program. It is offered by the World Bank in
cooperation with the Government of Japan for students of developing countries.
It is intended for Master’s degree students who have relevant professional
experience in their field and wish to make an impact on their community. Also,
only professionals working in the development sector after obtaining a
bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply.

This scholarship is offered at Japanese, American, European and African
partner universities.

What the scholarship covers:

This scholarship is fully funded, as it covers all costs as follows:

  1. Full
    tuition fees (100%).
  2. A monthly
    stipend to cover living expenses.
  3. Round trip
  4. In
    exchange for travel.
  5. The
    scholarship also covers health insurance.

For more details about this scholarship visit the official website of the
World Bank through worldbank .

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4- Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP):

Each year, scholarships are awarded to several students under this
programme. Scholarships are offered for postgraduate studies in science,
technology, economics, management, and other development-related fields.

What the scholarship covers:

The Asian Development Bank scholarship is fully funded, as it covers
all costs as follows:

  1. 100%
    tuition fee.
  2. A monthly
    allowance to cover living expenses.
  3. Living.
  4. books.
  5. health
  6. The
    scholarship also covers travel costs.

Conditions for applying to this program:

  1. You must
    have completed a bachelor’s degree.
  2. You must
    also be enrolled in a master’s program at a partner institute.
  3. You must
    return to your home country after completing the program and contributing
    to the development of your country.

Many well-known Japanese institutes are among the partner institutes. They
include the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kyushu
University, Kyoto University and many more. Higher education institutes in USA,
India, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand are also among
the partner institutes. Learn more by visiting the Asian Development Bank

For more information about this scholarship you can visit the official
website of the Asian Development Bank through adb .

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5- Mitsubishi International Scholarship:

Every year, Mitsubishi International Corporation offers scholarships to study in Japan in
cooperation with the Japan Educational Exchange Services (JEES). The program
aims to help international students pursue their education in Japan. This
scholarship is also fully funded, as it covers all tuition fees at 100%, in
addition to a monthly stipend to cover living costs.

To be eligible, students must already be enrolled in a degree program at a
Japanese institute.

To find out more details about this scholarship, you should contact the
Japanese university you have attended or wish to enroll in.

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Conclusion :

If you are an international student who wants to complete your education in
a country with world-class education and recognized certificates around the
world without any tuition costs, you can take advantage of the opportunity of
these scholarships that were mentioned earlier in this article and choose the
right scholarship for you and apply for it through the official website of the
applicant The scholarship is direct and does not waste time