How can I get a scholarship in Italy? to Study Master’s Degree

The Italy Scholarship, offered to international students from all over the
world, helps them studyin Italy without any costs. Italian universities are also known for their
high quality of teaching in general, in addition to the high standard of living
in Italy. The Italian Government Scholarship helps you to obtain a degree in
many fields that are taught through some of the top Italian universities. In
this article, we will learn about all the details of the scholarship and how to

Italy Scholarship Benefits:

Why the student may choose the Italy scholarship in particular, here
are the most important reasons as follows:

  1. You will
    be able to study in the best Italian universities, and universities that
    fall among the best
    universities in the world every year.
  2. The
    Italian government scholarship also includes a mandatory internship in
    selected Italian companies that prepares you for the labor market directly
    and with practical experience.
  3. The
    duration of the master’s program will be only one year.

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Italian Government Scholarship Details:

  1. Host country: Italy.
  2. Funding entity: the Italian government.
  3. Host universities: Italian universities.
  4. Funding: fully funded.
  5. Study level: Master’s degree only.
  6. deadline: Application March 26 (an annual
    scholarship that can be applied for every year).

Scholarship Benefits:

The Italy Scholarship is fully funded, as it covers all costs as

  1. 100%
    coverage of all tuition fees.
  2. Students
    will also receive a quarter-hour salary of 900 euros.

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Specializations available in the Italian Government Scholarship:

All of the following will be taught by the Italian Scholarship at
master’s level in English:

  1. Engineering.
  2. technology.
  3. architecture.
  4. the
  5. Economics
    and management.

The study of the scholarship will start on October 1, 2021 for the academic
year 2021/2022. After completion of studies, students can also obtain jobs in a
competitive framework.

Terms and criteria for applying for the scholarship:

All countries are eligible to apply for the Italy Scholarship.

  1. All
    applicants must be born after January 1, 1995, except for scholarship
    renewal applicants.
  2. English
    language proficiency must also be demonstrated by providing evidence of
    this, certificates , can be submitted TOEFL or , IELTS which are
    internationally recognized .

    • Those
      who hold a Bachelor’s degree in English can submit a certificate from the
      university proving that it was the language of instruction at the
      university, and they will be exempted from the language requirement.
  3. The
    applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree.

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How to apply for the scholarship:

As an international student wishing to apply for an Italian government
scholarship, you can visit the official scholarship website on the given dates
and fill out the scholarship application online through investyourtalentapplication .

Conclusion :

The Italian government scholarship is one of the best scholarships offered
by governments in the world, as it provides many advantages and benefits for
students with a master’s degree, and study in the best Italian universities. So
if you match the admission requirements and eligibility criteria feel free to
apply for this scholarship