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CFA certification Full Guide

The financial, investment and economic activities have become one of the fields towards which the world is moving strongly. With the openness of markets and the multiplicity of options and the desire to reach decisions that guarantee economic benefit and assured profits, the role of the financial analyst has emerged strongly in taking the right direction that economic and investment institutions must go towards, so the CFA exam is one of the most important tests that determine the efficiency of financial analysts and internationally accredited. As a result, in this article, we will learn about all the details of the CFA certification and how you can prepare for it and obtain it.

What is a CFA Certification?

The Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA is an international legally accredited test to measure the competence of financial analysts and the extent of their scientific and theoretical knowledge in their specialty.

The CFA Institute exam is organized by the American , and it is considered one of the most important standards that measure the experience, competence and skills of financial analysts. The CFA certificate is also evidence that proves the extent of excellence and professional competence in the financial and economic field for the holder.

The CFA certification is a 3-part exam that tests the basics of investment tools, asset valuation, portfolio management, and wealth planning. The CFA program is usually completed by those with backgrounds in finance, accounting, economics, or business. CFA holders are qualified to work in senior and executive positions in investment management, risk management, asset management, and more.

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CFA Certification Benefits:

1- Demonstrate your expansive knowledge and skills:

Designed with your future in mind, the CFA program provides a strong foundation in advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills. Continuous input from industry experts ensures that the curriculum remains relevant and prepares charter holders to enter today’s market.

2. Relevant to a variety of career paths:

CFA holders occupy a range of investment decision-making roles, typically as a research analyst or portfolio manager. CFA holders also go on to enjoy lifelong careers in asset and wealth management, investment banking, commercial banking, and advisory, along with a variety of career paths within and outside the industry. If you are doing a smooth career switch, along with CFA, plan on investing in good leadership programmes.

3- Value in a Developed Industry:

This certification demonstrates to employers the knowledge and commitment to thrive in today’s complex and evolving investment industry. The CFA rating is a mark of excellence, and investment firms know it represents a higher standard.

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To whom it is directed:

This test is directed to all workers in the field of finance, investment and economic activities who have sufficient experience in areas such as (financial analysts in various institutions and organizations, those in charge of managing companies, administrators of investment companies, workers in the investment departments of banks, joint stock companies and investment portfolios, investment fund managers from various disciplines, financial and economic legislators).

People who hold a CFA certificate are seen as more experienced, and possess high analytical skills that are internationally accredited.

Test language:

This test is given in English.

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Test sections

The test consists of 3 different levels, each level has its own test, and in order to get the certificate you must pass the 3 levels in order. These levels are as follows:

Level one, knowledge and understanding:

This level focuses on investment tools, as it tests your knowledge of ethical and professional standards.


The second level, application and analysis:

This level focuses on asset valuation, where it tests how criteria are applied to situations faced by analysts.

The third level, synthesis and evaluation:

This level focuses on portfolio management, where it tests how standards are applied in the context of portfolio management.

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CFA Certification Requirements:

There are several conditions that the certificate requires in order to be able to register for it. These conditions are as follows:

  1. You must have a Bachelor’s degree.
  2. OR be a final year student of an undergraduate program or an equivalent program on the date of registration for the A-level examination and become a candidate in the CFA programme. You must complete your degree program before the second level enrollment date.
  3. Work experience: You must have 4 years of full-time professional experience, as 4 years of part-time experience does not qualify you to meet the work experience requirements to register for the certificate, and work experience is not required to be related to the investment field.
    • Professional work experience requires specialized knowledge, education, or advanced skills. It also requires the application of high-level judgment and business skills, including:
    • Leadership and teamwork.
    • Business Communications.
    • Critical thinking and problem solving.
    • time management.
    • professional judgment.
    • Analytical skills.
    • adaptability.
  4. Candidates applying to enroll in a CFA program without completing a bachelor’s degree must honestly assess whether their professional work experience has provided them with the volume and depth of study required by a CFA program.
    • Please note that CFA Institute may require proof of education or work experience to provide at any stage of your journey, in order to demonstrate admission requirements. Failure to provide required documentation related to admission requirements may result in cancellation of your current test registration, withholding of test results, invalidation of previous test results, and may result in investigation and disciplinary action by the CFA Professional Conduct Program.
  5. You must also possess a valid international passport.
  6. You must also provide proof of your English language proficiency, as the test is given in English only.
  7. You must meet the admission criteria for professional conduct. All CFA candidates must complete a Statement of Professional Conduct form to demonstrate compliance with this requirement.
  8. You must be an applicant living in a participating country, as there are some countries that CFA Institute cannot work with.

exam mark

The first and second levels require a score of at least 70% in all subjects in order to pass these two levels.

As for the third level, it can be passed when you get only a 60% average.

The first and second levels are issued their result within 60 days from the date of the test, and the third level results within 90 days after the test. Once the tests of the three levels are passed, a person can obtain a CFA certificate.

Test duration

The first level consists of 240 multiple-choice questions distributed in two sessions equally, ie 120 questions in each session. Each session takes 3 hours, with a total of 6 hours for the first level only.

As for the second level, it is also multiple-choice, you will be presented with 20 mini-engravings followed by 6 related questions. This level is also divided into two equal sessions, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, and the test duration for the two sessions is 360 minutes.

For the third level it is a mixture of item group questions and essay type questions. The duration of this level is 6 hours in two sessions. Morning session and evening session. In the morning session, there will be 10-15 essay type questions. The questions usually describe either a case study or a hypothetical situation that students need to either construct and explain a solution or suggest measures to deal with. In the afternoon session, there are 10 groups of items. Each item group consists of a case statement followed by 6 multiplex test questions.

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How to register

In order to be able to register for the CFA exam you must follow the steps as follows:

  1. You must first create an account on the CFA Institute website with cfainstitute . Usually, this is done just before the actual test registration, but be aware, if you are registering for the A Level test for the first time, you must register for the CFA program as part of the test registration.
  2. The second step of registration is to pay the registration and exam fees.
  3. The moment you pay for your first CFA Level 1 exam, you enter the CFA Program.
  4. The test is hosted at CFA Institute Test Centers located in most major cities around the world. Find out which test center is closest to you through cfainstitute .

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Registration dates:

You can check the registration dates from the official website of the institute for the year you wish to obtain your CFA certificate, as the dates can change from year to year.

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CFA Certification Cost:

  1. Early registration fee: 700 USD.
  2. Standard registration fee: $1,000.
  3. Late registration fees: $1,450.
  4. In addition to the exam registration fee, there is an additional one-time registration fee of $450 that applies the first time you register.

Test validity:

There is no specific validity for a particular exam, i.e. it has no expiration date. It states that you have passed your Level 1 test and you are one step ahead of your CFA certification. Because of the timing of the exams, it is possible to complete all three CFA levels within two years. If you fail the first level test, you can take it again in the same year, while the second and third level tests are only given once a year.

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How to prepare for the CFA certification:

We will provide you with important links to help you view the certification syllabus, exam questions, etc.:

  • Wiley CFA Program .
  • AdaptPrep CFA .
  • CFA® Prep .
  • AnalystPrep .
  • Bloomberg CFA Exam Prep .

For more details about CFA certification visit cfainstitute.

Conclusion :

If you want to occupy the best positions in investment firms, financial analysis, banking, etc., you can get the CFA certificate which helps you very much in this matter. Don’t hesitate to get this certification as it will make a very big impact on your CV

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