A Japanese language test that qualifies to study or work in Japan


A Japanese language test Full Guide

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is the most popular Japanese language test in the world. It is required by universities and academic institutions to assess the level of non-Japanese speaking students. It is administered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) through the Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services. It is considered as one of the most important tests for students who want to study in Japan and this test makes Japan travel easy as well. That is why we will learn about the Japanese language test and all the details about it.

Who can apply for the Japanese language test:

Everyone can take a Japanese language test. Where men and women can apply, as well as adults and children. There is also a modified version of the exam targeting applicants with disabilities as well.

Where is the test held:

The Japanese language proficiency test is held in all cities of Japan, as well as a large number of other cities around the world. As for the Arab cities in which the exam is held, they are as follows:

  1. aljeria.
  2. Khartoum in Sudan.
  3. Cairo in Egypt.
  4. Rabat in Morocco.

To find out about the rest of the cities where the exam is held, you can visit jlpt .

When is the Japanese language proficiency test held?

The JLPT is held twice a year, in both Japan and the aforementioned cities, with one session held in December and the other in July.

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Conditions for registering for the test:

The JLPT is open to all non-native speakers, and eligibility extends to Japanese nationals. Also, there are no age restrictions.

What are the levels of testing:

The Japanese language proficiency test is divided into 5 main levels as follows:

N1, N2, N3, N4, N5. The N5 level is for beginners while the N1 level is for advanced Japanese students.

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How do I determine the appropriate test level for me:

The five levels of the test differ in terms of the number of vocabulary the applicant masters and the number of kanji letters he knows, as well as different grammar. You can also find out the appropriate level for you by looking at the following description of each level:

  1. Level N5: The applicant needs to know about 100 kanji characters in addition to 800 words.
  2. Level N4: The applicant needs to know about 300 kanji characters in addition to 1,500 words.
  3. Level N3: The applicant needs to know about 650 kanji characters, in addition to 3,700 words.
  4. Level N2: The applicant needs to know 1,000 kanji characters in addition to 6,000 singular.
  5. Level N1: The applicant needs to know 2,000 kanji characters in addition to 10,000 words.

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Test duration:

The duration of the test varies from one level to another, as follows:

  1. N5: 105 minutes are allotted for him.
  2. N4: 125 minutes are allotted for him.
  3. N3: 140 minutes are allotted for him.
  4. N2: 155 minutes are allotted for him.
  5. N1: 170 minutes are allotted for him.

How to prepare for the test:

There are many resources that you can use while preparing to apply and obtain a certificate of Japanese language proficiency, and you can also follow the following tips:

  1. The Genki book series is one of the best books aimed at beginners and intermediate level Japanese language learners. In addition to the Tobira series for advanced levels.
  2. You can also enhance your studies with resources from everyday life, where you can watch Japanese films or series, or read some books and articles in Japanese. This helps you to adapt to different language contexts and uses.
  3. You can practice solving Japanese language test exercises. There are many online resources where you can find exercises and samples for past tests in all five levels, giving you a general idea of ​​the nature of the questions in the real test. You can also view sample questions for each level through jlpt . You can also find many resources to help you prepare for this test on the website prohelvetia .

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How to register for the Japanese language test:

You can follow the following steps in order to register for the Japanese language proficiency test:

  1. Exam date must be checked on website jees .
  2. Sign up for MyJLPT on the JEES website (registration available at any time).
  3. Pay the application fee.
  4. Get a test voucher from JEES, and apply for the test.

Test cost:

The test fee is about 5,500 yen, which is about 52 US dollars, but it may vary depending on the location where you decide to take the test.

Test validity:

The result of this test is valid for life, even the tests that were presented in their old version are still valid until now and for life.

Conclusion :

If you are an ambitious student who wants to apply to study in Japan or to work in Japan, you definitely need to master the Japanese language. As a result, we decided to make this article in which we discussed all the details of the Japanese language test and how you can master it and all the details of the test

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