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Study guide in Turkey

As soon as Turkey says, tourism comes to your mind, as it is the first destination for tourists from all over the world. But recently, it has become a destination for many international students in order to complete their academic achievement there, benefiting from scholarships, good quality education, in addition to the cheap cost of living in Turkey compared to other foreign countries

Why you might choose Turkey as a study destination

Quality and continuously developing educational opportunities

Turkey is the second most educated and cultured nation in the world, with the number of people completing higher education at 94.2 percent. Turkey applies the Polish education system in a wonderful and very distinctive way. In addition, Turkey is one of the most important contributors to the Erasmus global scholarship programs, in addition to many other cultural exchange scholarships such as Mevlana and Farabi that support students and lecturers to help them with their mobility. The diploma obtained from Turkey is recognized in all European countries!
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The large number of universities and the diversity of specializations in Turkey

Turkey contains more than 207 universities on its territory, with an estimated population of 82 million. More than 8 million people study in Turkey, among local and foreign residents, and thus Turkey ranks first in the number of students studying in it, compared to the rest of other European countries. With more than 60,000 different study majors, don’t be afraid of not having a program of study that matches your previous level of study.

Diversity of cultures and civilizations in Turkey

Thousands of years ago, Turkey was the refuge of many civilizations and peoples from different parts of the earth. So much so, that it is described as a mosaic of cultures! There are countless different cultures in Turkey, in an atmosphere of intimacy, tolerance and respect. Perhaps when you search and investigate deeply, you will find that you have roots in Turkey and relatives you did not know before.

The cost of living is cheap

Living in Turkey is very cheap, so you can fulfill all your food, drink, accommodation, and entertainment needs at very reasonable prices. In addition to the low prices due to the large and diverse means of transportation in it. Not only that, Turkey is considered the connecting link between the continents of Central Asia and Europe, so that it can be accessed with absolute ease and speed without any trouble.

The hospitable Turkish people

The hospitality of the Turkish people has always been one of the most important impressions you can notice when traveling to Turkey. Once you ask for help from a Turkish, you will notice the rush to fulfill your claim. In short, when you travel to Turkey, you will not feel alienated at all, on the contrary, you will feel that you are part of a large family surrounded by affection and love. Study in Latin America

Tuition costs in Turkey

Tuition fees vary according to the university, whether private or governmental.

Degree of study The cost of studying in private universities During the year (In dollars) The cost of studying in public universities During the year (In dollars)
BSC 2000 – 11000 $ 300 – 500 $
Masters 3000 – 5000 $ 500 – 1000 $
PhD 5000- 10000 $ 600 – 1000 $

The cost of living in Turkey

 Expenses Monthly cost (in Turkish lira)
Housing in an apartment 1200 – 1500
Electricity Bills 80 – 200
Water (liter and a half) 2.31
Lunch at McDonald’s 25
the food 140 – 185
Coffee or cappuccino 12.37
Public transportation 3.50
Taxi (1 km) 3.50
Internet (60 MB) 104.11
health insurance 200 – 1000
A movie ticket 25

Conditions of study in Turkey

The conditions for studying in Turkey are fairly easy, so all you need is to have the appropriate qualifications for the level you want to study. For example, if you want to study a master’s, you must have a bachelor’s degree in addition to taking an entrance exam to the popular Alice Graduate Program (ALES) administered by ÖSYM Student Selection Center (ÖSYM).
The ALES exams are held twice a year, in the months of March and November, and the exam takes about three hours, which are questions about your ability to read, write and arithmetic so that you can see the website ÖSYM for more detailed information about the examination mechanism and how to apply it .

In addition to the exam, there is a set of documents that you must present, namely:

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree translated in Turkish.
  • A resume and some letters of recommendation.
  • A bank statement that proves your ability to bear the expenses of studying and living there. Study in Denmark-Universities,Scholarships
  • A clear personal photo of you.
  • An English language certificate proving your proficiency in English, IELTS or TOEFL.
  • A copy of a valid passport that includes all its pages.

You can obtain university admission from your home by correspondence with universities or university admission insurance offices in Turkey.

What are the conditions for a student visa (study visa) to Turkey?

In order to be able to study in Turkey, you will need to apply for a student entry permit, which is considered as a visa (student study visa). You can apply for a visa online ( click here ).

If you want to apply for a visa yourself, you will need the following documents:

  • A document of a valid passport.
  • Fill out the visa application form.
  • Personal Photos.
  • A copy of the university admission letter obtained.
  • Health insurance that confirms that you are free from all communicable and contagious diseases.
  • A bank account statement confirming your ability to bear the cost of living in Turkey.
  • A copy of your personal identity card.

Are there scholarships to Turkey?

There are many options available to you that enable you to study in Turkey, whether with a grant provided by the Turkish government or one of the national and international bodies and organizations, in addition to grants offered by public and private universities. You will notice the difference in scholarship coverage from one to the other, so you will need to go through all of them and choose the one best suited for you. Among the most famous Turkish scholarships, we mention the following:

  • CoHE Scholarships for International Students.
  • Turkish scholarship.

Features of student housing in Turkey

Proximity to the university

Most Turkish universities have housing on campus, which does not raise concerns about the distance from the university. Prices vary according to the number of students staying in the rooms, so that there are rooms for one or more people. The university housing also includes the necessary furniture for students, including kitchen equipment, bedrooms, study and reading rooms, as well as large kitchens.

University housing fees range between 215-340 Turkish liras, depending on the university and the furniture in the living rooms.

A suitable environment for studying

When you study at home, you may be distracted by many factors that affect how well you understand your academic subjects. Therefore, moving to live within the university residence guarantees that you will complete most of your duties thanks to the environment surrounding you, which is a group of students who motivate you to study. Consequently, you live in a environment free of all negative influences, so that university housing is your first step towards achieving more professional and scientific productions.

An experience of college life

Perhaps the most enjoyable thing about dormitory is the experience it has there. You will learn new things that you have not done before such as cooking, washing, and cleaning. Moreover, you will learn to communicate with all students from different parts of the world so that you will gain more knowledge about other peoples’ cultures. In short, life in the dormitory will teach you how to depend on yourself in accomplishing all daily matters, and you will build many friendships daily, which will polish your personality and become a social person able to act in all situations and difficulties that may face you.

Can I work while studying?

International students enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program in Turkey can work as researchers on scientific projects related to their work to cover their study expenses. Undergraduates often find opportunities to work a part-time job, according to their course schedules.Study in New Zealand

If you have a plan to work throughout your college career, what you need to know first is that a student residence permit does not include a work permit alone. Therefore, if you want to work during your studies, you will need to obtain a work permit. There are different types of work permits such as short-term, permanent and independent work that is granted by the General Directorate of International Labor.

Recreational activities in Turkey


Golf is very popular in Turkey, as there are many modern golf courses all over the country. Golf courses are concentrated in Istanbul and southern Turkey, and in Antalya in particular.


It is one of the most popular popular activities in Turkey, but people who want to fish must obtain an official license from the responsible authorities. Among the most famous areas for fishing we mention:

  • Aegean Sea.
  • The black sea.
  • The Mediterranean Sea.
  • Sea of ​​Marmara.
  • Istanbul Strait, or the Bosphorus.


The coast of Turkey extends to the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, Marmaray, and the Black Sea, and it is a very popular sailing destination in Turkey and there are also inland lakes scattered throughout the country. There are many national competitions that support this sport as well.

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Is Turkey a safe country?

Turkey is one of the safest and most secure countries in the world, as it is the destination for all tourists to spend their tourist holidays in it, thanks to the security and stability that prevails all over Turkey. You will notice the friendliness of the police patrols before the locals in the country.

The health system in Turkey

All international students coming to Turkey must obtain health insurance to ensure their safety throughout their stay there. There are two types of health insurance, which is either going to any private health insurance agency and benefiting from all health guarantees intended for foreigners, but the coverage of this insurance is limited and is only effective in hospitals that are contracted with the insurance company!

The other option is general health insurance (GSS). This type of insurance, organized by the Social Security Institution in the Republic of Turkey, will give you the right to benefit from treatment in all government hospitals for free. This way, you can get your medicines by paying a very small amount of the total amount. You should either renew your private health insurance or your general health insurance every year or else you will be legally accountable and have to pay many heavy fines.

Difficulties faced in Turkey

Difficulty communicating with registration offices in the beginning

Upon your arrival in Turkey, your first destination will be to go to the registration offices to complete the necessary papers and documents. The problem that you will face at that time is the difficulty of communicating with the employees and understanding everything they say, as you will notice them speaking in a quick accent and in a tone that is strange to you the first time you meet them.

Culture Shock

You will meet many people of different races and nationalities, and at first it will be difficult for you to adapt to their customs and traditions. Opinions may differ with many students, but the important thing here is to accept the opinions and ideas of others and try to adapt and coexist with them quickly by attending many popular events and events in Turkey.

the food

Each country has its own food style, but you do not need to worry as you will find most of the usual foods in the supermarkets. As for oriental food, it will be available, but at a bit exorbitant

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