About America (USA)

Studying in America is a dream that we all looked forward to with insistence and
sincerity, as your possession of a degree from a university in the United
States is a wonderful advantage. Including it in your CV will give you a strong
impetus in your next career, as you demonstrate your mastery of the English
language and your good knowledge of various cultures, in addition to teaching
you a unique education within One of the largest and most prestigious
educational institutions in the world

Why study in America (USA)?

are many reasons for studying in America, including:

Variety of educational options

In the
United States of America there are many prestigious universities that
participate in many programs to attract foreign students from outside the
country to study in them. You can apply to the Ivy League, which includes under
its wing the most distinguished eight universities in the north-east of the
country, public and private universities, in addition to many of them, through
which they are able to obtain a bachelor’s or doctorate degree.

But the
unique feature of the United States of America is the Association of Colleges,
whose primary mission is to provide assistance to students through the
provision of both general and specialist education. After starting the study
provided by the Colleges Community Association and for two subsequent years,
you will obtain what is known as an Associate Degree, after which you will be
able, with the help of this Association, to enter the university and complete
your education to achieve a bachelor’s degree in a field.

Study in America (USA)

Experience a new approach to education

educational institutions in the United States of America include in their
structure a group of clubs and structured activities in addition to unlimited
activities for students. Through it, you can follow and attend competitions,
football and racquet matches, and you can also participate in volunteer and
charitable programs. Nor can we forget the debates, educational lectures, and
meeting with students and professors, due to their effective role in forming an
important basic pillar in the university’s educational program.

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Improve your English and other foreign

If you
do not have a good level in the English language, that will not be an obstacle
at all, as most educational institutions in the United States of America offer
programs and intensive courses in the English language in order to help foreign
and international students to improve their language skills.

course, your presence in a multicultural society and your interaction with many
students at the university will be an important factor in strengthening your
language skills in speaking and acquiring the required knowledge. As diverse
American colleges and universities offer study opportunities in more than one
foreign language, so you do not have to master the English language only. If
you are well versed in another foreign language, this will provide you with a
good opportunity to study a program with a curriculum specific to that

Tuition and accommodation costs in the United States of

the United States of America is the first and most desirable destination for
international students, it is one of the most affordable options. Therefore,
after selecting the university or college that suits you, you must determine
your sources of income and confirm whether it is commensurate with the costs of
studying in America or not. We will briefly inform you about the costs of
studying in America.

Association of Colleges (two-year study)

Public colleges (4-year study)

Private Colleges (4-year study)

Tuition and other fees




Housing and food




Grand total (within one year)




The annual cost of living in the USA is in the
range of $ 10,000 to $ 12,000 per year, which is an average of about $ 700 to $
1,000 per month. This amount includes the costs of accommodation, housing,
food, travel and the purchase of textbooks and basic necessities. You may also consider exploring off campus housing as a cost-effective option while studying in the USA

In the following table, we will explain a group of monthly expenses and living
expenses in detail:


Monthly cost (in dollars $)

Books and study materials

$83 – $41

Food and meals

$200 – $250

Traveling within the states

$25 – $60



Personal expenses


University housing

$420 – $585


$300 – $600

International communications








car insurance


car fuel


Conditions of study in the United States of America?

are many conditions for studying in America, including, choosing the required

taking any step, you must first choose the major you want that is compatible
with your academic qualifications, and then select the appropriate university
or college that matches its conditions and requirements in advance with your
CV. If you are confused about your matter and are no longer able to determine
the appropriate college or university, you can go to the BigFuture website to
guide you step-by-step towards choosing the educational institution that suits
you through many questions that he will ask you depending on the type of
university, its evaluation, the number of years of study and a lot of Other

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Determine funding sources

When you
choose the United States of America as a study destination, you must then
determine the sources of funding for your study, as most foreign students in
America receive financial aid in a thoughtful way to finance the study expenses
at the university, but this is subject to multiple terms and conditions that
may make the government funding option an unattainable thing. Maybe.

discover possible sources of funding for studying in America, you can access
the educationusa website and choose the type of education and state, in
addition to the target university.

Possession of an English language

One of
the most important requirements for studying in America is your proficiency in
the English language and the possession of a recognized degree. Since you are
studying in a country where English is the official language, having an
official document attesting to the quality of your language skills is an
inevitable prerequisite.

Often a
foreign student is required to have a TOFEL certificate in the English language,
but what you should know is that by applying to the Association of Colleges of
Colleges you will need a lower score on the TOFEL exam compared to public and
private universities, which have a duration of 4 years. In the event that you
obtain a score lower than the required exam score when applying to the
Association of Colleges, you will be placed in the (ESL) educational program
where English is a second language of study.

Some but
not most colleges and universities in the United States require the SAT
certificate. This test includes a variety of questions to assess the level of
your knowledge you received during high school. In some cases, colleges require
the ACT (American College Test) as an alternative to the SAT certification.

Obtaining a student visa to the United States of America

you have been accepted into an educational program within a university or
college in the United States of America and you have paid the fees incurred by
you, go to the next step, which is to obtain a study visa from the US embassy
or consulate in your country. You can find out the location of the US embassies
and consulates in the world by visiting the official website (click here) and
selecting the country of residence, in addition to knowing the available appointments
and booking them through the Travel State website.

What are the conditions for obtaining a student visa
(student visa) to the United States of America?

applying for a student visa to travel to the United States, you will
generally need the following:
A passport
that is valid for at least six months beyond your period of residence in
the United States.
to a college or university accredited by the Student Information System
and the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP).
Pay the
application fee for the Student Information System and the Visitor
Exchange Program.
Fill out
an F1 nonimmigrant visa application called DS-160 (you can fill it out
A personal
photo with specific dimensions and conditions specified by the embassy on
its website.
documents such as diplomas, degrees, or certificates obtained.
that you will leave the United States once you have completed your studies
and graduation, as this item may include an airline ticket from the US to
your home country before completing your university studies.
You will
also be asked for evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover your
living expenses for the duration of your stay in the United States of
America, and this clause in turn includes:
A bank
statement for your bank account.
financial commitment by the sponsor to cover the costs of accommodation
and living.

providing you with the required data and papers to the official authority, your
file was studied and then given an interview appointment at the United States
of America embassy in your country, after which it would be decided whether you
will obtain a study visa or not.

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Apply for a scholarship to study in America

are different types of scholarships at different levels and disciplines, let us
mention some of them:

fully funded by the sponsor, which in turn include tuition and housing
funded in part by the sponsor, which can be limited to full tuition fees
or only first-year fees.
scholarships, and this scholarship is limited to only qualified and worthy
students in their studies, who have achieved certain and conditional
criteria determined by the awarding body.
In order
to apply for a scholarship to America, you must do this task yourself and
communicate with the scholarship sponsors. You can do this by visiting the
following official websites, finding the right scholarship for you, and
then providing them with the required information and papers.
One stop
Federal Agencies
State Grant Agency

Student housing in the United States of America

educational institutions in America offer a range of campus housing options and
related services. Where students usually live in huge residential halls or
dormitories, which are residential buildings designated for this purpose and
fall under the name of student housing.

are many housing options available to the student that he can choose from,
including housing for boys or girls only, housing for new students in addition
to academic and language housing, which in turn provides distinct services such
as focusing on and supporting the various interests of the student.

usually share rooms in dormitory, which creates a good environment for meeting
new friends quickly. The dormitory also includes employees who are usually
upper-class (housing officials) who are well acquainted with the campus, and
act as a source of information for all residents of the building who want to
inquire about anything.

eat in the cafeterias located in the dormitory, where they can find a wide
variety of food.

housing contains in its structure various clubs, including cultural,
entertainment, sports and music clubs. Shared housing, support services, and extracurricular
activities at American universities help students create their own on-campus
community in which they share their various interests and orientations.

If you
obtain a student visa to the United States of America, you must reserve a room
in the university’s dormitory in advance to ensure that you have a place to

Work while studying in the United States of America and its

The cost
of studying in the USA is high for international students, and American
students are less. Therefore, most students go to work during their studies to
secure and manage their living expenses, but this is subject to specific

are two types of work while studying in the United States of America and they
are working on and off campus (student housing) and outside it.

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Work on campus

students who hold F1 and M1 visas (student visa) are permitted to work on
campus and in specific training programs. Students are not permitted to work
off-campus during the first academic year, as the on-campus jobs for first-year
students are centered around working in the library, cafeteria, or student

Work off campus

can find employment off-campus provided they complete their first academic
year, through programs specifically for international students seeking work
such as Optional Practical Training (OPT), Science, Technology, Engineering,
Mathematics. As these temporary jobs are only limited to your field of study
and related to it, if you are studying engineering, you cannot work in a
clothing store.

are two types of this work, the first is part-time and the second is full-time,
as you are allowed to work full-time only during the summer and winter holidays
or after graduation, but during the school year you can work part-time

length of part-time work is only 12 months, so one month of part-time OPT work
counts as half a month of full-time employment. If you decide to work for 10
months at OPT part-time during your school years, then upon graduation you will
only be allowed to work for 7 months full time.

Social life in the USA

It is
clear that studying in the United States of America is an invaluable
opportunity, and at the same time you will have to adjust your personal life
extensively compared to American students to suit and adapt to new

Some of
these changes include, starting with learning and living in a new language,
adapting to the spatial distance from the homeland, eating unfamiliar foods,
and ending with learning about different religious and social norms. But rest
assured, most of the schools, colleges and universities in America have good
resources to support foreign international students and provide a lot of
facilities for them. Follow the tips below to ease the transition to a whole
new life.

Use university resources

college or university includes in its structure an office for international and
international students, as these offices offer many counseling programs on
culture and adaptation to social life in the United States of America. These
programs provide an invaluable opportunity to immerse yourself more in the
social life of the college and get to know other students.

Wear social organizations and clubs

universities have organizations of all kinds and forms, including national and
religious, to allow students from similar backgrounds to get to know and
communicate with each other.

Learn about organized societies

university cities have organized groups that share the same features, for
example; International students from a country form their own small community
in which they share their daily lives, customs and traditions. Find a community
that is similar to yours, as it will provide comfort and give yourself a
comfortable feeling as if you are in your home country.

Visit indoor attractions

United States of America is full of fascinating and varied landmarks, so do not
deprive yourself of watching them because of their positive impact on your
cultural information and enrichment, in addition to accelerating the process of
integration into the target country. We will mention some important landmarks
that you must visit:

Statue of
Liberty, New York.
Brothers Memorial, North Carolina.
Island, San Francisco.
Bridge, San Francisco.
Memorial, Washington.

United States of America remains the first destination for foreign
international students, so before making your decision to study there, take
into account the above-mentioned points, especially the ability to coexist in a
foreign country, in addition to the necessary funding sources for study. In the
event that you intend to study in America, prepare well for what is coming
later, and make sure that within a short period of time you will get used to
most of the new things and receive a positive and satisfactory result about
your choice.

Is the United States safe? What about the health system in

In this
paragraph, we will discuss safety standards in the United States of America,
including street safety, gun crime, and weather conditions, perhaps the most

Street safety

streets of the United States of America are considered safe in general,
especially the crowded ones, it is necessary to face street thieves one day, as
this is normal and spread all over the world. Therefore, you must know where
you live well and stay away from dangerous areas where gangs are spread.

Weapon Crimes

States of America possesses weapons of a high standard, unfortunately;
Gun-related crimes occur in a large percentage due to the previous cause.
America has a weapon-related crime rate 6 times higher than Canada and 7-7
times higher than Sweden. Nearly 40,000 people were killed in firearm-related
accidents in 2017.


strike the United States more than 1,000 times annually, and most of them form
east of the “Rocky” Mountains in a place called “Tornado
Alley”, as it stretches from the border with Canada all the way to North

hurricane season is mainly during the spring of each year. Although they are
short-lived, they cause widespread damage to homes and infrastructure,
resulting in many deaths.

The health system in the United States of America

The US
government does not provide comprehensive health care to its citizens. As for
international students and foreign visitors, there is no formal health
insurance that covers them. If you receive medical care, someone will have to
pay for it, usually the sponsor.

in America is very expensive, according to a US government website, so if your
leg breaks, you could end up with $ 7,500 health bills. However, when you need
to stay in the hospital for three days, this will likely cost you around $

consult with your university or college officials to provide you with
international student health insurance. If the university does not offer this
benefit, search on sites such as international student
health insurance international student health insurance .

Difficulties studying in the United States of America

international students in America face some difficulties and challenges from
time to time, whether in terms of receiving help for international students or
by dealing with different cultural differences. We will take you on a tour to
learn more about these difficulties and how to solve them.

Cultural difficulties

arriving in the USA, you’ll immerse yourself in a totally different culture
than your home country. You will then face a condition known as “cultural
shock”, the symptoms of this condition are nostalgia and yearning for it,
in addition to the strange and disturbing feeling when you experience a new country
with a completely new language and cultural customs different from what you are
used to, but fortunately this situation will not last for long and will
disappear with your accustomed to social life The new one within two months at

Solutions to cultural difficulties

for culture shock and follow common remedies through socializing and contact
with colleagues and neighbors – it’s just a short period of time and you’ll get
used to it.

In the
United States, the student-professor relationship is more informal and more
friendly, so gather enough information to understand how students and teachers
interact with each other.

Be ready
to open up and make many friends as soon as possible after arriving in the USA,
and ask your former friends about their experience in this field.

Financial difficulties

United States of America is one of the most expensive countries in the
educational field, as studying outside the state costs exorbitant sums (this
type of study includes foreign international students who wish to study outside
the state in which they are studying, in addition to paying more fees), in
addition to studying in private universities that require Of course, sums of
money are estimated at tens of thousands of dollars.

insurance for foreign students is also considered a difficulty that must be
paid attention to, as only US citizens can own partial health insurance.

Solutions to financial difficulties

Apply first
to the largest number of scholarships possible of all kinds, if you have
traveled to the United States of America and have just started a paid
educational program with a university, head to the financial aid office located
in your university or college to obtain a paid scholarship for the coming years
if that is. Can.

for additional financial aid through student loans, although they are limited
to American students, but the university’s financial aid office can secure your
financial exception.

in a job or part time for students, this enables you to secure a source of
income that will help you meet your monthly expenses.

university officials to provide you with health insurance for foreign students,
in case the university does not offer this feature, search on international
student health insurance sites such as international student health insurance
so that you do not end up with large medical bills.

Academic difficulties

the teaching methods differ in American colleges and universities compared to
your home country, this will make you feel anxious and anxious about the
academic expectations that you will face at the end of the semester. Focus on
your studies and embrace your new culture to make it easier and earn satisfying

Solutions to academic difficulties

When you
encounter any academic difficulty during the semester, do not hesitate to speak
with the professor after the lecture or in his office during the assigned
office hours.

In every
college and university there is a scientific mentor whose primary mission is to
help students and solve their problems, so take this opportunity if you
encounter anything that bother you or worries you.

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in study groups for your educational program and communicate effectively with
your classmates, to get a clearer idea of ​​assignments and courses

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